Zipcar’s ?plan of action is fundamentally reliable on the new innovations and technologies and with the development of the technologies. Zipcar utilizes its critical and valuable resources keeping in mind the ultimate end goal and objective to set up a dominating strategy in the current competitive market and using all the available resources. Zipcar has already been doing a great job at keeping up with other competitors in the market by set up a great example and coming up with innovative ideas since many years.
The Company has created a value chain which helps helps all the resources to transform from the resources available to new technology to keep up with the market. Information processing at a time was almost the outcome of an effort which was put in from the valuable resources.Zipcars can gain and sustain the competition as they have created mobile apps which cuts down on the paper work which users have to do when they rent a car. automated payment and reservations are easy and user friendly.
which the help of technology and mobile app, other software they can collect cookies and give better suggestions to the user by leveraging it to provide better service. Well trained and operated staff to take care of the end users. Which is difficult for the ccompetitor to follow as they can steal the data or the operations that are going on within the company making use of all the available resource.
They use new terms and groups for their loyal customers which will make it sound more interesting and helps to spread a word in the market, the most important and and beneficial to Zipcars is that they are open 24 hours where as other rental agency are not open round the clock.


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