Your view of the overall project

I have successfully completed the given tasks within stipulated time without compromising quality. I got special recognition and fiscal bonus from top management to endorse my commendable work. The outcome of this project gave immense pleasure and self-satisfaction. I am always feeling proud and pride to say that I was very much involved and contributed on the growth and development of Indian Infrastructure. Totally this was a big breakthrough in my professional career.

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how the project fared in meeting the goals / requirements;

The project effectively and efficiently meets the requirements/interests as stated in the Tender documents. The project was opened to public on XXX. The essential components were designed to cater for present and future phases. I prepared complete set of as built drawings by clearly indicating the final position and invert level of sewer, storm drains, water supply pipes, these will certainly aid the Client to operate and maintenance the systems smoothly and also helps for the future design team to understand the existing system include its system capacity.

CE 2.16 The management was pleased with my professional work, collaboratively and productively in a team environment. I manage my own time and processes effectively by prioritizing competing demands to achieve the company goals.


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