You would deal with a complaint by listening carefully to the complaint, whilst giving the person time and respect and having a good regard for confidentiality. You must reassure the person that you have heard and understood and will do everything possible to resolve the issue and that you are glad the individual informed you. You must record all relevant and factual information and report it to a senior member of staff and provide the complainant with information and advice on procedures for complaining.
If you receive a verbal complaint you must try and resolve the issue immediately. If you cannot do this then you must refer the issue to a senior member of staff straight away so that the issue may be resolved. If it’s unable to be resolved the complaint must put their complaint in writing and all details of the complaint must be recorded. Written complaints must be acknowledged within a short timescale, the manager must conduct an investigation and the complainant will receive a quick response and a meeting will be held and everything should hopefully be put to rights. If the complainant is still not happy they can go higher up with our company or the local government Ombudsman, which is an independent authority that investigates complaints and shares the findings to improve practise.


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