Yellow fever was first recognized in Philadelphia in the year of 1793. 5,000 people died. Although it used to be recognized as the American plague. The virus, yellow fever gradually got worse. The disease began with only fever and muscle pain. Later people became jaundiced as their liver and kidneys were failing. The earliest writing was by American Cotton Mather. He described it as turning yellow then vomiting and bleeding every way. They had learned that internal bleeding in the digestive system caused the bloody vomit. The first outbreak in the US was in the late 1690’s. Almost 100 years later, 1793, Caribbeans during the summer fled from the disease again to Philadelphia. Later in October, 100 people died from the virus. Thanks to a cold front it killed the mosquito’s and only 20 died at the end of October after the 26th that they know of. December 2015, yellow fever had an outbreak that began in Launda, Angola. It was the largest in Angola for the past 30 years. The CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent 40 staff members to Angola. They supported the Health Ministry with everything that they needed. Introducing Yellow Fever Yellow fever, a sickness that makes you jaundice, yellowing skin and eyes. The reason you turn yellowish is due to damage in the liver done by the virus. You may only get diagnosed by laboratory testing, your symptoms, and your travel history. Once you have it you can’t get rid of it. It’s completely not curable and there is no treatment. You may be able to identify the mosquito that spreads the disease by its white markings on its legs. The mosquito that carries this disease is called Aedes Aegypti or Haemagogus. Countries like South America and Africa are the one who hold the mosquitoes that hold the virus. Brazil, right now, is attempting to do a nationwide campaign against the virus. They have had a total of 1,900 cases and out of the 1,900 cases they had 590 deaths from the virus. Which is why countries like Brazil and Ghana require all travelers to receive the vaccine to enter the country. They will know you would have received it by
the yellow card that is a certificate of vaccination. You will need to take it ten days before you take the trip. Although if you are allergic to: eggs, chicken proteins, or gelatin you shouldn’t take the shot. Infants under the age of 6 months shouldn’t take the vaccine either. Ways to avoid is to Yellow Fever mosquito: cover skin, don’t go out during peak hours, dusk and dawn, and the vaccine. They recommend extremely that you take the vaccine due to them so far have failing to control yellow fever. The symptoms of yellow fever include fever, chills, headache, and muscle aches. Those symptoms take 2-6 days to develop. The virus is developed from female mosquitoes that bite infected monkey’s than bite us therefore, passing it to us. It is recommended not to take pain pills or blood thinning pills due to the risk of bleeding. The infection will grow from mild to server. The fatality rate of severe is 50% and higher. This includes the illnesses that lead to bleeding, organ failure, and shock. 15% of people that have the virus die. The mortality rate is high for Yellow fever. The estimated amount of death due to yellow fever is around 30,000 people and 90% occurs in Africa. The total amount affected is around 200,000 people.


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