Writing Assignment, I
To start off, the piece which I will be decomposing first might seem like silly choice but is something I was really interested in doing. The piece is the theme song of the Xbox game franchise known as Halo. This song is not only a nostalgia trip for me that takes me back to the days of when I played through this game, but also an amazingly done musical piece and a unique one. It features no lyrics but has a combination of orchestra and chanting. The piece is divided into chunks, as all music is, it has a begging middle and end. It starts off with an eerie sort of dark feeling to it, then is followed by the orchestral voices. The orchestra is at first deep, giving it a low tone. A small cymbal is then heard, initiating a transition from the low tone to a higher pitch and then comes down again to that beginning low tone. The whole melody is then switched up to become a more intense sound. Since this game is a futuristic war game, this theme is intense and quick, it’s a war theme. This melody switch features snare drums that direct the melody and a cello which is the main part of this chunk. The cello is then followed by a couple of violins. These three instruments play in a polyphony sound, each of them doing their own thing.

During this sequence, a low chanting woman voice can be heard in the background. This adds to the atmosphere of a space war zone, which this game is all about. The violins then go to a higher pitch, moving the sound to a faster tempo; into a rushed tone signifying the nearing end to this part. The piece then come around full circle, as all music should, the first initial orchestral voices is heard connecting with the snare drums and the cello verses. The violin and the orchestra close off this theme in a beautiful homophony manner. (The specific theme song I am reviewing can be found in Spotify under ‘Halo, Halo: Original Soundtrack’. It is also worth noting that I only reviewed from 0:00 to minute 2:25 since that is the main theme itself.)
The second musical piece is from Mozart Requiem- Confutatis. This classic piece is dedicated to the dead, or in other words, those who are ready to face their fate. In the first part, the piece is divided in two. The first part is when the men voice is playing alongside the violins, trumpets, and the low sounding trombone. This first part is with a quick tempo; rushed. The male part is the intense part. To its contrary, the woman follows the men but with a minor tone. The women are accompanied by just violins which make the tone a much lighter one and much calmer, as opposed to the male. The women close out the piece with a calm ending as opposed to its male counter which introduced the piece. The requiem is a back and forth of the major and minor tones.

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To conclude, both musical pieces I wrote about are very different. Though they do share something, they both alternate tone shifts. In Mozart’s Requiem, he alternates between male and female voices, making the sounds deep and light, and in the Halo theme the instruments shift and make the sound more rushed.


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