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particular designer and the design movement that influenced his/her work.

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Set Date: 04 Nov 2018 (Week 10)
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Kurt Schwitters
I will talk about Kurt Schwitters and in this report, he is a famous artist. I will mention some of his interesting works. Kurt Schwitters was born on June 20, 1887 in Hanover, Germany. Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.). writes that, “He was the only child in a middle-class family. As a boy, he travelled with his father to the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris. When he was 14, he had his first epileptic fit, signifying the start of a recurring condition that the artist felt continually impacted how he related to the world.”.

Artwork description ; Analysis

Figure 1: (Art Story: Modern Art Insight, n.d.).

This work exhibit a significant shift in Schwitters’ early artistic. After World War I, Schwitters start to collect broken and negligent materials he found on the roads and organize them into works of art. Born from the debris left by the war I, these works assure the fact that art can be created from devastation; that Civilization crumbling could be created into something amazing. Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.).
involving, seen objects are organized to form lines and shapes to which he combines little of yellow and blue color for shading. He does a geometrics harmonious, work by getting a precise balance between the physical hardness of the got materials and the soft shapes they form. Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.).
The idea that connecting small objects (not to consider – trash) to the outside of the canvas could be reflected art was revolutionary. Yet Schwitters proved that the act of catching cracked pieces and joining them into a complex showed art’s potential to renew and reimagine a fractured world. Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.).
Additionally, it enabled him to reject conventional illusionism, the rendering of objects as they appear, something he associated with trickery and even hypocrisy in light of the crumbling socio-economic situation in Germany following World War I. Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.).

Artwork description ; Analysis:

Figure 2: (Art Story: Modern Art Insight, n.d.).

Heading. In this work Schwitters completes his investigation of recap collage, producing a difficult and intricate work that includes many, unlike metals and bits. Merz Picture 32 A. The Cherry Picture is exceptional for its ideal design and its abandonment of any feeling of illusionistic hierarchy. Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.).

Heading. An interaction of colors (light and dark areas), as well as added materials such as wood and scraps of the paper, propose depth and there is a total abandonment of common one-point scene. Mainly noticeable is the use of elements emphasizing text, such as product Stickers and newspaper cuttings. Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.).
These examples of trade culture made the watcher to recognize the connection between art and everyday life. Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.).

headnotes. The central point of the image is a white flashcard featuring a printed cluster of cherries and the German and French words for “cherry” upon which he has written an incorrect phrase “Ich Liebe dir!” (“I love she!”). He basically gets a Basic educational tool and destroys its service with blatantly wrong language. Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.).

Chopped and pasted colored and printed paper, cloth, wood, metal, cork, oil, pencil, and ink on paperboard – Museum of Modern Art, New York. Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.).

Artwork description ; Analysis

Figure 3: (Art Story: Modern Art Insight, n.d.).

Merz 11 displays an example of Schwitters work within the print media, Pioneer both stylistically and contextually. The meaning of the Merz Magazine, started by Schwitters in 1923, was diverse and selective, featuring an area of artistic forms, including rhyme, yank, art, and advertisement, and describing a type of modern artistic movements including De Stijl, Constructivism, and Dada. Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.).

Formally, the magazine had a very unlike look. With its bold red and black lines, unevenly placed negative space, uncomplicated sans-serif kind, and asymmetrical layout, the cover of Merz 11 match the attractive geometric style of Constructivism practiced at the Bauhaus. Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.).

Noted in other books and magazines published at the time in both Europe and Russia, this aesthetic represents the most innovative, daring and up-to-date graphic design drift.
Unusual to Schwitters’ composition, however, is the unpredictable, variable, and lively use of space on the pages. Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.).

In the end, I hope you get some new information about Kurt Schwitters and his work. And I mention some of his famous works in this report. He dead but his work will always remain.

Art Story: Modern Art Insight (n.d.). Kurt Schwitters: German Painter, Collagist, and Writer
Retrieved from https://www.theartstory.org/artist-schwitters-kurt.htm


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