With current technology era, air-conditioners became a necessity more than a wants for the rich to show off their luxurious life. The rise of the world temperature that’s caused by global warming has created lots of chaos in the tropical countries in SouthEast Asia as well as countries in North America when summer hits. According to research done by Markets, by 2020 the amount of money spent in air-conditioners would be around USD 24.28 billion (Markets, 2016). This amount is definitely not a small amount but try to imagine the amount of air-conditioners available in the market. Hence, with the amount of air-conditioners in the market, someone has to be prepared to service the customer for any defects as well as to maintain the quality of the air-conditioners.
Cheah Electronics is a shop located in Pandan Perdana that specializes in house electrical appliances. The shop has 5 employees which specializes in sales and services while another additional 2 employees who were to delivery products and assemble it for the customers. The main market for Cheah Electronics are both common homeowners as well as offices in nearby areas.


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