Where did the Southwest team go wrong?
– Have no harmony with restructured of organizational goals;
– The project based out of small school districts’ needs.
– Lack of communication between SWT and other DSS teams.
– Worked in a vacuum.
– Focus on the project, not the organization’s needs.
– Group thinking common mentality.

Summary of what Chris did wrong:
– Not sharing a new vision
– Alienate his team
– The network is weak and fails
– Bad communication with Meg
– Loss of organizational vision
– Ineffective communication
– Free direct for team / leader
– Lost focus on project (control)
– No networking
– Too optimistic (Chris)
– Passive-aggressive (Meg)

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The conclusion:
It’s important to follow corporate missions, and Chris’s group needed to be careful to not work in a. She needed to communicate beyond the team and also with all stakeholders, and cannot boost morale.
Group dynamics are good and his team is solid, but ultimately values, vision, and mission must align with corporate philosophy.


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