When most of us hear the word “reading”, we get frightened or boredom. Reading is the genesis of all understanding in human kind. It’s the connection between the words in text messages we send, the voicemails we hear, the emails we sent to our colleagues, etc. Furthermore, reading is vital in college. In college you must read in order to comprehend what the lectures are about. Many people fail to realize the benefits of reading. Reading can reduce anxiety, stimulate cognition, and improve relaxation.
A gargantuan of Americans suffer from prolong stress. One method that reduced stress by sixty-eight percent was reading (Integris). Many people are vulnerable in getting depressed. It can be because they lost a job, they ow one-thousand or more dollars in mortgage, their credit score is six hundred or lower, their going through a divorce, etc. but what people may not know is the reading can help in preventing depression. One way in diminishing this psychosomatic problem is looking for a book that will leave you captivated (Integris). The best way to find a book that best suits is a book that describes a story like what you’re going through. This will help you find ways to cope with the situation in a different way. Also, prolong stress could lead to one of the most horrible things-Insomnia. Insomnia is when your mind goes spins twenty-thousand times around the world without stopping. If you read a book at bedtime, it eases your mind and allows you to a pathway of restfulness (Integris). In the same manner that stress can lead to depression, it also may lead to anxiety which causes asthma occasionally. Bibliotherapy can reduce anxiety (Good Therapy). With so many things on the to-do-list we are unable to concentrate. This happens often when we get caught up in doing things that are ludicrous or not of that much of importance. When we read, we are provoking our intricate cognitive process in our brain which helps us be more “woke”, (Christensen, Jen). Reading also allows us to not feel so overwhelmed and dive into fiction (Integris).
The top four fiction books in 2012 were, “The Casual Vacancy” by J.K. Rowling, “Gone Girl”, by Gillian Flinn, “The Light Between Oceans”, M.L. Stedman, and “The Wind Through the Keyhole” by Stephen King (Good Choice Awards). According to Carol Fitzgerald, People are mostly interested in escape. We as humans know what is already happening around us. Sometimes we need a nominal of imagination to vivify our sorrows. Not everything requires seriousness. We also learn new things when it comes to reading imagination texts-fantasy novels and thrillers. According to the 2012 Pew Internet and American Life project, found that people who like to read fiction are driven by personal enrichment, and unplug from constant stream of information. This means that readers are open to new experiences. When the reader reads a book that is in their interest, they forget about everything and their life begins to change within every chapter.


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