When I first walked in those band room doors on my way to colorguard auditions I had no idea what I was getting myself into, nonetheless how much I was going to learn in just a few months. One of the best feelings in my life, so far, has been after my first performance and that feeling of adrenaline as we walk off the field, not a team anymore, but a family…is one that I want to share with others for the rest of my guard career. That is truly why I want to be a section leader.
A good section leader must have confidence in their abilities and must be able to handle their authority correctly. I feel I have the ability to pick up choreography quickly, that way a can teach others. I can write equipment work; the solo that I wrote got a superior at state. I also feel that I can help people who need it, Ms.Rene put me in charge to teach Mariah work that she had missed, and Chelsey Athey has put me in charge of flag sectionals and middle school football games. As a leader I feel that you must not abuse your power, by feeling as though you are the best because you are the one in charge, I feel that we are all still learning even though some may have more experience, have a better skill set than others. However you cannot be too lenient while fulfilling the role of section leader, because you pose the risk of people in your section not being that best they possibly can.
All in all, I look forward to this next marching band season, I want to work hard to make, not only the colorguard better, but also the marching band, the best it can be because: We are only as strong as our weakest link!


I'm Katy

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