What Makes Generation Z Better Than The Others
Modern technology has brought new ways of viewing the world and has molded the newest generation, but for better or for worse? Generation Z has certain attributes that have prepared it to be a great generation. Gen Z will make better adults than previous generations because of their social consciousness, readiness for the future, and their understanding of technology.
One of the main reasons Gen Z will make better adults than Millennials is because of their social consciousness and awareness of events around the world. Social media has allowed Generation Z access to more mature content such as, politics, war images, and poverty. Gen Z has also witnessed the mistakes of Millennials, being to open and public on social media. Learning from the Millennials, Generation Z is more cautious with what they post, what is private or public, and which friends they have.
The second attribute of Gen Z is its readiness for the future and its want for a reliable employment source. For these reasons has settled for more sensible and reliable goals for their futures under the belief that tomorrow isn’t promised. Gen Z was raised in a times of chaos, surrounded by war, stock market crashes, unemployment, and a seemingly endless nuclear threat.
The final attribute of Generation Z is its ability to utilize technology more effectively than older generations. Generation Z was born into a technologically advanced world where one laptop or cell phone can be used for any activity. Smartphones, computers, and the internet are all tools that Gen Z uses everyday to communicate, learn, and relax. Some people claim that technology does more harm than good for modern teenagers and children. But for Generation Z the benefits, such as being able to do research for an essay, learn about a certain subject of interest, and stay in touch with friends, heavily outweigh the dangers.


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