What is the hardest part of being a teenager now? What’s the best part? What advice would you give a younger sibling or friend (assuming they would listen to you)?
Do you know, teenagers are the most misconceived people on earth? We are been treated like a kid but expected to act grown and matured. And most of the time forget who, we are just to live up to the expectation of other people such as family members,friends and sometimes people we are in a relationship with. Knowing when you make a simple mistake you become the worst thing on earth and literally nobody wants to listen/ hear you out.
Also, one of the hardest part of being a teenage now is taking steps to the outer world,leaving my comfort zone to find my purpose/path in life. Making life decisions such as, deciding what career we suit and would not etc, applying for colleges scared of not lucky ,and competent enough for admission. And associating with new, set of people with different backgrounds, ethics and believes ,trying to fit in and be able to be accepted into the new world.
I believe in life there is always a bad and bright sides in everything we do and encounter.Despite the hard parts and challenges of been a teenager now, it is also a beautiful and fun thing to experience such as having fun with my friends most especially over the summers visiting fun places, parks,museums,restaurants and even visiting each other homes etc having the best times together,cracking jokes, sleeping over,gisting ,getting excited,having that beautiful feelings of been surrounded with people you love and feel free like a bird around.

Furthermore, on the best part of been a teenager now for me is not having a serious responsibilities to deal with, no worries about taxes and putting food on the table for my family, paying the bills etc because I believe this are not my duties, enjoying the youngful age full of energy and always having a excuse for my change of mood and attitudes. And been the youngest child of the family of three getting the most attention and love i think, having my way of getting mostly everything i wanted and having people around to help me out of my hard and tough situations was one of the best and brightest part of my teenager year now.
My advice for the younger ones about teen age is do not let the hard part of been a teenager kicks you down and do not let the bright side allows you to forget who you are meaning do not overuse your freedoms and opportunities getting out of your capable boundaries all because you are free to, There are some mistakes you do at that moment and you which you could have stopped yourself do not be that type of person. And also do not rush to grow up try your possible best to enjoy that youthful moment surely you will meet negative people and friends but do not get bothered about their bitter opinions about your or thing you love and to do. Learn to see the beautiful sides of everything and believe mistakes builds you and not breaks you. Lastly, on my piece of advice is be respectful in every aspect of your life and mostly to your parent, knowing you are one or the reason behind their smiles and joy makes you happy as well trust me, and been happy brings positive thought, which also brings good decisions and a bright future.

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