What is social media? Social media  is a type of media used continuously online by allowing users to easily join, share, and create content across blogs, social networks, wikis, forums and virtual worlds. Blogs, social networks and wikis are the social media forms most commonly used by people around the world. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define social media as “a group of internet-based applications that build on the basis of ideology and technology of Web 2.0, and which enable creation and exchange. Meanwhile, social networks are sites where everyone can create websites personally, then connect with friends to share information and communicate The biggest social networks include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter.If the traditional media use print media and broadcasting media, social media uses the internet Social media invites anyone who is interested in entertaining by contributing and responding openly, commenting, and sharing information in a fast and unlimited time.

Social media is also an online medium with its users can easily join, share, and create content including blogs, social networks, wikis, forums and cyberspace. Blog, facebook and instagram are among the most commonly used social media forms of people around the world. Interacting in social media is not much different than interacting in the social world as usual. Therefore, communicating in social media should also pay attention to good ethics. Here are some things to consider when communicating on social media. Among them is to respect others, use good language, be careful about publishing something personal, avoid Overposting, think carefully about something to be published and be yourself.

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As internet and mobile technologies are increasingly advanced, social media is also building rapidly. Now to access facebook or twitter for example, it can be done anywhere and at any time using just a mobile phone. So fast that one can access social media results in a great phenomenon in the flow of information not only in developed countries, but also in Malaysia. Because of the speed of social media has also begun to replace the role of conventional mass media in spreading news. The rapid growth of social media is now that everyone can have their own media. If to have traditional media such as television, radio, or newspapers need a lot of capital and a lot of workforce, then the other with the media. A social media user can access using social media with an internet network even with slow access though, without a big fee, without expensive tools and self-employed without workers. Social media users can not edit, add, modify posts, pictures, videos, graphics, and various other content models.

According to Antony Mayfield of iCrossing, social media is about becoming a human being. Common human beings share ideas, work together, and work together to create inventions, think, argue, find someone who can be good friends, find a partner, and build a community. The thrust, by using social media, makes us as ourselves. In addition to the speed of information that can be accessed in seconds, making itself in social media is the reason why social media is growing rapidly. No exception, the desire for self-interest and the need to create a personal name.

If in everyday life we ??can not speak openly because of one or more things, then we do not use social media. We can write whatever we want or we will not comment on what anyone else wrote or provided. This means that communication is built in two directions. This communication then creates the community quickly because of the same interest in something.

Humans are the most perfect creatures of God. Humans are endowed with reason, feeling and will. Mind is a tool for expressing beauty as a source of art and culture. The will is the tool to express choice so that humans have the ability to judge which is good and what is bad. In addition to being individually owned, humans are also beings that are bound to their environment. The attachment appears to human life as a social being with ethical behavior it possesses. Human ethical behavior is the basis of the emergence of ethics as a science that studies good and bad values ??in his life.

Computer ethics is a set of principles or values ??that are relevant to computer usage. Computer ethics come from two syllables: ethics (Greek: ethos) is a custom or good habit in individuals, groups or communities and computers (English: to compute) is a tool used to calculate and process data. The number of human-to-computer interactions that continues to increase over time to make this computer etiquette a basic rule to be understood by the community.

There are no rules b ertulis which has legal power to use as a guide to treating and emulate the flow of information and data in the internet.   But as media consumers ial sauce should have a universal code of ethics as a guide in maintaining modesty in behavior and social communication in cyberspace. There is no legal restriction on violations of ethics in Internet relationships except for social (social) restrictions such as isolation, blacklisting (ban) from the environment, revoking membership from the Internet community and institutions.

In certain cases ethical violations that lead to crime can also be brought to court through a positive legal mechanism that occurs to a person (citizen) and organization. The most common legal acts are related to copyright infringement, privacy rights and illegal attacks (Pirating, Hacking or Cracking) of products, individuals or institutions protected by positive international law.

Ethics as the value that holds a person or group in regulating behavior in a group life, of course, will not be separated from unethical actions. The unethical action is intended as a violation of the prevailing ethics in the environment. Things that cause unethical actions in the company according to Jan Hoesada (2002) are individual requirements are the main factors that cause unethical action. For example, one can commit a bribe to achieve personal needs in his life. T desire to trample achievedencouraging individuals to make unethical. Additionally, unethical actions may arise as there is no standard guidelines or procedures on how to do something in the use of social media. Action Taken unethical can also arise because individual behavior and habits, regardless of the environment in which the individual resides. If users who are accustomed to acting unethically, can influence people who are within their scope of work to do the same.

At the moment, increasing use of the internet also negatively impacts consumers. In particular, this is due to the behavior of oran g irresponsible use the internet for their crimes that may endanger others like hackers can enter a person’s system and make changes to the system. Hence, the code of ethics for internet users is needed today in an effort to oppress crimes using internet media.

              Before we know anything about ethics in using social media. Of course, we need to know in advance what ethics are. After knowing ethics, we will understand easily about ethics in using social media. Ethics is the words and actions of a person about the good and the bad. Ethics relates to two things: norms and values.

              Norms are the rules that are implied and trusted by the society that are accompanied by sanctions or threats if they do not follow it. For example, religious norms and customs For example, if we take other people’s goods without telling (stealing), then our actions are obviously wrong, and we will be punished according to the rules.Norms in human life are binding and varied with every citizen or community member. There are weak binding norms and there are also strong binding norms.

              Then, values ??are individual rules and beliefs and will not be penalized if they violate. For example, the belief in the existence of the Almighty God (the Creator), this is an individual who can not be forced and punished if he does not believe. However, After Convincing that there is a Creator then all Creator rules must be obeyed, otherwise they will get sin and get punishment in the hereafter. That’s a general overview of ethics and is very much related to the use of social media.

The code of ethics expected by internet users is to avoid and not publish information directly related to the problem of pornography and nudism in all its forms.Avoid and not publish information that has a direct and negative offense of tribal, religious and racial issues (SARA), including embezzlement, harassment, delinquency, torture and all forms of infringement of rights to individuals, groups / institutions / institutions. Avoid and not publish information that contains instructions for doing negative actions.

Furthermore, it displays all forms of exploitation of minors. Do not use, publish or change materials and information relating to piracy, hacking and aggression activities with it. If you use scripts, programs, writings, photos / photos, animations, sounds, or other forms of materials and information that are not your own, you must state the identity of the owner and copyright if available and willing to cancel the objection and liability answer all bat batteries that may arise . Respecting ethics and all applicable regulations in the Internet community in general, and are fully responsible for sem ua content in the website. In case of a violation committed by the manager, we may make direct reports to the authorities .

Cyber ??crime   is a   computer crime   which is new in this century. This cyber criminality is comprised of elements of fraud, damages or modifications of programs or computer data, information theft, hacking and others. The emergence of the Internet as the latest communication tool promises a means of disseminating information that strengthens knowledge and information. Since no one was able to control information travel in cyberspace, millions of websites were turned on. Various information is true or false, ideas, ideologies, propaganda and no less pornography are spread over the Internet.

At the same time, the freedom of information promised by the cyber world is a nuisance for some administrators   country   who have been trying to steal the freedom of expression, think and think of their people.

Internet Capability as   communication tools   far beyond the current communication tools.   Printing ,   phone   and   television   have centuries played an important tool in   media   to communicate knowledge and information to the public. However, these media materials dissemination of information is one-way and not interactive such as   Internet . This enables the effective control of information. In fact most countries   have provisions   the law   which controls   printing   and television content. In Malaysia for example, any printing that is disseminated to the public requires a valid permit. Provision   the law   existing ones such as the Printing Press, Press and Publications Act 1984, the Broadcasting Act 1988,   Sedition Act 1948 ,   Official Secrets Act 1972   limiting information that can be printed and distributed to the public.

Traditional media materials are also limited by geographical limits. Dissemination   books ,   magazine   and   newspaper   cost, manpower,   infrastructure   roads and facilities   vehicles . All these factors limit the dissemination of information and at the same time facilitate information control.

The difference between   Internet   and existing media materials are so real that the Internet is a platform that provides information from millions of users and researchers from around the world. The Internet allows one to spread information and interact with others who may be thousands of miles away.

Media and print media regulators are a common practice in   country   building and also in most developed countries. With development   Internet , there is a question mark either   Internet   should be regulated or not.

But the party   government   Malaysia   take positive steps to not filter the cyber world. This is enshrined in the guarantee bill promised by the Malaysian government with companies   Multimedia Super Corridor . Section 3 (3) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 also declares that there is no such provision under the act permitting any filtration of information to occur.

This principle is based on the opinion that controlling information will only have a negative impact on development   communication technology   which is sophisticated.

This is very different from some countries that take a much more aggressive stand. Countries like   Try   and   China , practicing total or partial information filtering. They regard the contents brought on the Internet as an ideological threat to their population. They prefer their residents to be passive, blind and not literate to the latest information and development of the world.

There are also many countries that are simple and simple   filtering   only information that may damage the minds of the public. Freedom of speech   existing ones should not be abused. However, if the disseminator of false information or the opposition government uses the Internet to spread its ideology, it is not a serious threat. Party  government   there is still another way to overcome this example is to improve the knowledge of the people and to spread the truth in the news   print media   or   TV . In this way people will be able to consider the truth. But what about the other cyber crime? Can we tolerate cyber crime that can bring a threat to   community   and civilization?
All levels of computer use are always in the process of activity   crime . Whether as a victim of crime or equipment for crime or both.   Input operation ,   data processing ,   output operation   and   data communication   has been used carefully for unhealthy purposes. The kind of cyber crime we usually hear is fraud, damage or modification over computer programs or data, information theft, unauthorized access to the system, copying legally legitimate software, espionage, cyber gambling, rich quick schemes , pornography , hackers   or “hackers”, viruses and many more and we may even face new forms of crime in line with the rapid development of computers. The intentions discussed here are not how criminal is done but why this crime is difficult to overcome. Among some of the factors identified is that Sukar is identified who the criminals are, the interests   economic , different definitions   crime , military interests, human attitude “human attitude”.

Who are cyber criminals? What crime has been committed? Where’s the crime? Difficult questions to answer. If other crime is easy to recognize, such a pirate certainly holds   weapons   , kidnappers certainly ask for money   ransom   but how to recognize cyber criminals. “A major problem to differentiate cyber threats with physical threats is to determine who attacks our system, why, how, and where,” Michael A. Vatis of   FBI . Generally cyber criminals are knowledgeable or professional.Please be our friend, maybe   student , maybe   professor   or anyone else. They will do   crime against their own intitusi or competitor’s intitusi or they are hired by a particular party for example.

Business organizations may be the target of their competitors, employees or former employees.   Bank   as well as   financial institution   by robbers and professional criminals. Meanwhile, the party   university   be targeted by students or former students. Government agencies may also be victims   terrorists   and militant computers may be sabotaged.

If the criminal does not know it, then   the law   which in order to stem it will not be meaningful. At   America   the sophisticated technologist failed to locate the designer   trajedi 11 September . Current   Event September 11, 2001 , 19 hijackers   airplane   enter the United States by using   valid visa . In addition personally, they are connected through   Internet   or make a phone call using prepaid cards to plan attacks against   New York   and   Washington .

E-commerce and K-economy are becoming so important now. In today’s globalization era a country will be left behind if it still relies on the only traditional method of economic affairs. They need to move in line with K-economy practitioners. For developing countries expertise in the field of information technology is very limited. To overcome this problem, they need to open the door for outdoor use. Malaysia for example has built the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), an area of ??15 km x 50 km south of Kuala Lumpur. MSC aims to attract world-class technology companies using the MSC as a center for technology testing. Seven prime applications have been set up to create activities within the MSC. It consists of smart schools, smart cards, telemedicine, R & D cluster, electronic government, worldwide manufacturing network and borderless marketing.

To attract foreign investments that MSC Malaysia status has introduced a list known as the Bill of Guarantees which is a guarantee that there is no internet network. Besides Malaysia many other countries take the same steps for example Indonesia,   India , mexico and practically all developed countries do not filter the internet. Not filtering the internet means everyone can use the internet freely including cyber criminals. Therefore, it does not mean that cyber criminal law is drafted.Some examples of a kibat incident have no internet censorship through the Zapatista National Liberation Army cyberspace at   Mexico increasingly energetic inestablishing their cause , the cybercity activism in Indonesia succeeded in overthrowing the Suharto regime in May 1998, Extremist   Hindu   which knocked down  mosque   in the early 1990s and attacked the believers   Christian   at the end of the 1990s was a group of workers in   India   who use video tapes and the Internet to spread the message and the 11 sept tragedy also uses internet communication.

Before we go further to discuss this cyber crimes, let’s first look at the definition of cyber crime itself. Crime means activities such as theft, fraud, forgery, extortion. Computer crimes involve all the usual criminal activities such as theft, fraud, extortion and all activities involving the existing violation of the law.

However, a better and more comprehensive definition was made by Mr. Donn B. Parker a researcher in computer crime and safety for SRI International in Menlo Park, California. He states that computer crime is a behavior that has intent and is associated with the computer by any means and causes the victim to suffer or may cause suffering, loss and continuity.

The US Department of Justice reinforces this definition by saying that computer crime is any unauthorized activity in which knowledge about computer technology is used to realize it.

Nevertheless, we must admit that it is the definition of cyber crime between countries. For Islamic gambling countries, pornography, sex advertising is a crime but not a crime in most countries. For example in America companies such things are considered trivial that only child pornography is considered a crime. They are more focused on safety and trade. Various laws are closely related to safety and commerce in terms of such as low trademark, low copyright, hacker-related laws and virus dissemination and so on. With these different definitions it is difficult to enforce cyber law. In Malaysia that is bound by the promise of not censuring the internet is forced to give up the crime.

Human attitude is something that is difficult to control. We can not change one’s behavior unless the person himself changes it. Cybercrime is often done by people who have negative behavior. They attack the system just as fun or try their new knowledge. Most of them are teenagers or in the 20s. “The growth of the world population is about 20 percent by 2010, with 95 percent of them occurring in developing countries, and the emergence of adolescents, based on historical experience, is a major factor of instability.” Lieutenant-General Patrick M. Hughes, Director of Defense Intelligence Agency, The company expressed this concern to the Senate Armed Services Committee in February 1997.

Adolescents have an unpredictable attitude. They are not yet mature enough to think about the consequences of their crime. It’s more unfortunate that technology sophistication fails to identify the intruders. For example, in February and March 2000, an intrusion occurred over 500 military computer systems, government employees, and the private sector at   United States . At that time America was preparing with its army in   Persian Gulf   following the tension between   Iraq   with weapons inspectors   United Nations . In the event of such an invasion, the US authorities suspect Iraq, but it is evident that the responsible parties are two juvenile offspring of Cloverdale,   California , and some residents   Israel .

The question from which teenagers or those who love to trespass learn this science. They are actually proficient about   computer . They are not specifically learning to intrude but by studying computer science indirectly. They can try to invade the system or attempt to create a virus. Hence the higher IT technology is growing the higher the technology of crime.

“Development of technology improves the overall security of information systems,” said Gillespie and Nakatomi of the OECD Science, Technology and Industry Directorate. “However, technology also provides capacity for attackers or intruders to make faster breakthroughs with very wide and deep impact, which is difficult to track.”
Therefore cyber law does not mean that there are still people who are negative and use the advancement of the computer in the negative direction.

              The technology that works to facilitate someone in getting information appears to be often misused by irresponsible people. Examples of abuse of social media consisting of moral breach, violation of norms, ethics violations, and other violations. Some examples of ethical violations in social media include disseminating fraudulentnews . Hoax news is a lie. We often encounter these violations because of the rapid development of technology that makes it easy for someone to communicate in a timely manner. Many technology users are not careful when getting information, so they get caught up in the false news spread by the perpetrator.

              In addition, the spread of slander is increasingly widespread. Examples of these violations are often found in social media as many social media users can not control their emotions. People who can not control emotions will usually write in writing and sometimes write off the names of people who do not like the social media status that is then uploaded and criticized by the public. Social media is not just used to chat with friends we know. In fact, social media is now often used as one of the ways to sell products online by people who pioneered their career in the business world. Product marketing is done using social media to achieve great sales results. Social media is also considered as capable of opening up great opportunities in product sales. But there are also sellers who break the rules both in terms of sales and violate ethics in social media such as deceiving consumers with quality products, but not in accordance with reality. These online scams include examples of ethical violations in social media.

              Then, the bully case has become a talk of the younger generation. Bullying is a bad man’s behavior that is deliberately done to isolate others. Bullying is usually a threat, intimidation, violence, or coercion to others. Bullying is not only done verbally, some also use physical force to force the victim to obey what bullying is bullying.Ethical violations occur due to differences in social, race, religion, gender, behavior, appearance, and others that are related to a person’s shortcomings. Examples of other ethical violations include gambling. Gambling is a betting game where a winner will receive a prize usually in the form of money from each player. The gambling is also often referred to as lottery that the winner is chosen at random. At first the event could only be done face-to-face. Along with technological developments, gambling can be done online in some games, soccer games or games from smartphones and the like. Online gambling is classified as a category of ethical violations in social media .

              Further violation of ethics is uploading inappropriate pictures to social media for the public to eat. Pictures that are inappropriate in the form of pictures related to pornography, inhuman pictures such as uploading pictures of victims of a bomb accident, vehicle crash, war victims, and so on. Spam is also one of the ethical violations in the use of social media. Spam means sending repetitive messages unwanted by message recipients that occur by social media users. Spam is included in ethical violations in social media as it is perceived as disturbing other social media users. Spam can cause hostility, hatred, fights, and instability of social media users.

              Privacy violation or better known by spreading the privacy of others to the public without the owner’s knowledge. For example, the distribution of personal pictures, personal videos, recordings of the life of a person without the consent of the person concerned, and other privacy matters. This is among the increasingly widespread violations of ethics in social media in the technological era. Therefore, as a wise user, we must always follow the law set by the relevant parties so that we do not belong to a violation of ethics in surfing social media.

              Therefore, there are steps to prevent this violation of ethics so that our country is free from problems from social media. Among m Providing a personal and family information wisely. This is a very important for us to pay attention to sharing information with the public, especially with regard to his personal and family information. Share common things. Avoid providing privacy and privacy mats such as account numbers and phone numbers, home addresses, emails, links, family conflictsand dangerous photos. This is because all of it is a person’s opportunity to commit crimes and crimes against us.

              In addition, Communicate politely and orderly. For example, using a good word and its meaning in communicating, either in the form of texts or images. Do not use all uppercase letters, this is because there are some users who argue that the writers are in a state of anger and should make a verse without an elusive abbreviation so that the sentence is not misinterpreted. Prohibition of spreading pornographic content. This is true, whatever we post on the internet is free without banned, especially the content of pornography that is very dangerous for ourselves and others will bring harm to us and our generation of the enemy. Porn will also damage the brain and make the brain weaker.

              Appreciating in difference is one of the ways to prevent this ethical pursuit from continuing to prosper in this country. These include the things that are very important to us, realizing that we as humans have different perspectives in responding to something. Do not think too much about what someone does not matter. So they are evil each other, consequently there is a battle in social media. In addition, opinions should have accurate and correct facts and data. If you want to make an opinion or an article, make sure that facts and data exist. Think before writing something done. So many media make opinion not according to fact and existing data. They only show how people are interested even if they go the wrong way.

              Check and ensure the accuracy of information for those who want to share information with others, they also get the information we have seen. However, before sharing, we must verify the truth and accuracy of shared information. Do not be fooled by the title that looks right, but it’s actually wrong. Next, respect copyright by citing sources obtained. Many of the cases we see about taking someone’s copyright by replacing and deleting it. This copyright can be in the form of drawings, pictures, songs and videos. It is highly recommended to include the resources that make it as a reward for the work that has been generated.

              Avoid using social media when emotions are bad. This is because emotionally affects what we write, write and work. When our emotions are in good condition, any work we make is not because of hatred and anger towards someone. Therefore, when emotions are not good, what we can do is calm down the mind by doing a little bit of body or take some time to sleep for a while. Then, avoid using false identities. There are many ways that one can do to drop other people’s characters, one of them using the fake identity of a character on a facebook account. Therefore, the character’s name is the subject of discussion and has a bad effect on the character. Usually people like this will spread information that lies,misleading, defamatory, libelous, confusing atmosphere, manipulating information, and killing other people’s character. These include fraud and deeds that are very detrimental to others.

              Based on the analysis of the problem it can be concluded that social networking is very popular today, it is also a challenge for the younger generation because it brings some negative impacts caused by the misuse of social networking. The use of social networks in the negative direction will have a bad impact on society. Therefore, we must be aware that we will not become an abuser or victim of social networking. Needs the right ways to avoid it.

              The presence of social media has had a slight impact on life patterns in society. Starting from the effects of consumer dependence on social media to the impact of social life in the community. Social media is so popular that the facilities offered are not available through traditional media. With the increasingly popularized social media in society, it emerged as companies in the field of social media development as new opportunities for the new. In addition to companies in information technology , other companies can also utilize social media as a substitute for traditional media to run its business.

              The development of a new technology must have a positive impact and its negative impact . The positive impact of social media is to make it easier for us to get information quickly, interact with many people, expand the association and make it easier to express where all this can be done without limiting the distance and time . 
              The negative impact of social media is primarily due to the emergence of the user’s dependency on social media and the unrestricted freedom to interact in social media. By knowing all the causes of negative social media impact , then we can be more vigilant and avoid the causes of the negative impact .  
              Social media has become a new addiction to human life in today’s world. Thus, I hope that communities are able to utilize the benefits that can be gained through social media and avoid the negative impacts of social media. Indeed, there are still many advantages that we can gain and benefit from social media. With that, people should be able to think more creatively and openly to exploit the advantages of social media.


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