What is Operation Management?

“An operation is a process which changes inputs into outputs which value for customers”. (Jones & Robinson,2012,P.5). In an industry wherein profit margins are typically very small, and customer service is everything, nothing can afford to go wrong. Operational consistency is consequently important in ensuring a secure, comfortable and productive environment. This can occur only through the development, implementation and monitoring of workplace systems and procedures. “Operation Management is the activity of managing resources which produce and deliver products and services”. (Slack, Chambers & Johnston 2010)”

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The Role of the Operations Manager

The role of operation manager is in charge of overall day-to-day operations. He is responsible for planning and defining the procedures and principles to be followed in the administration, organization, maintenance and further improvement of the dormitories. The duties of operation manager include: assigning rooms to workers, keeping records, striving to fulfil workers’ social and cultural needs, taking the necessary measures to maintain discipline on the premises, supervising service personnel and ensuring the appropriate use and proper maintenance of the dormitories. Without cautious arranging in the choice and preparing of staff, close supervision will be required constantly, By putting time in developing schedules, task lists, checklists and other control measures, a manager will guarantee that work is done successfully and proficiently. Reduced risk for both occupant and employees, and superior service to customer, will mean increase benefits for the facility establishment.

The Value Chain Analysis

Value chain analysis is a way to visually analyse a company’s business activities to see how the company can create a competitive advantage for itself. Value chain analysis enables a company is aware the way it provides fee to something and eventually how it can promote its products or services for greater than the cost of including the value, thereby producing a profit margin. Value chain analysis is based on the standard that organisations survive to create value for their customers. In the evaluation, the organisation’s events are divided into separate sets of events that add value. The organisation can extra efficiently examine its internal competencies by identifying and inspecting each of these activities. Each value adding activity is considered to be a source of competitive advantage.


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