We all strive to be better today than we were yesterday. The following measures are a schematic for taking my emotional intelligence to the next level in many areas. Some steps will increase self-awareness, some buildup social awareness, others assist with stress management. A few parts are helpful in multiple ways. Having a strategy to adhere to make a person more likely to succeed.
The first step of my strategy is to begin an emotional reflection journal. Keeping a journal of emotions allows the owner to examine the meaning of complex or upsetting emotions and reactions (Vitello-Cicciu, 2015). I resolve to contain my daily reactions, their interpretation, and the reasons behind them in my daybook. I believe this may be hard for me, as I am only just beginning to admit I have more emotions than apathy and sadness. This shall enhance my self-awareness by getting me more in touch with how I am feeling on a day to day basis.
The second stage is to meditate for ten minutes every day. In a two-part study, it was shown that meditation has many benefits such as improving emotional intelligence and creating a better attitude for dealing with stressors (Chu, 2010). I intend to meditate every evening before I go to sleep. I chose this time so that I would be able to clear my mind and have a more restful night’s sleep. My aim at this stage is to augment my stress management routine and my mindfulness.
For the third phase, I am going to do yoga once a week. A study showed that people who practice yoga have higher emotional intelligence and “subjective well-being” (N. S., Suresh, ; Ravindranadan, 2017). As I do not have transportation, I will do the yoga at home with family. I have chosen Saturday to be “yoga day” so the house is clean, and we can be sure there is enough space. Each session is going to be for an hour. With these sessions, I mean to relieve stress and give myself an improved capacity to focus.
The fourth action I take is to create a knitting circle. I have stated before that an area I am working to improve is my social awareness. In creating a circle, I have more chances to develop skills such as conflict resolution, dynamic change cognizance, active listening, and leadership. In my circle are going to be friends I am teaching to knit or crochet. The circle’s meeting day and time are Saturdays before I do yoga. The circle shall last for two hours and take place either at my house or a nearby member’s house.
For the final part, I visualize my goals achieved (Vitello-Cicciu, 2015). Positive visualization helps by increasing confidence. In my visualizations, I am a college graduate and have started my own business. It is thriving, successful, and I enjoy my many regular customers. I think this is a vital step due to how it can grow conviction.
I will keep track of my tasks with alarms and calendar entry reminders. I do not think they might disrupt my life, only make it easier to manage my emotions and appropriately react to others’. I have the willpower to test myself often to ensure I am progressing. The function of the test is imperative because if I am not advancing, I may need to change approaches.
These steps were my strategy to develop my emotional intelligence. People are more likely to succeed in their goals when they have a plan to follow. By following this plan, my self-awareness, social awareness and stress management skills are about to exponentially progress.


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