Wastewater treatment is the process of converting wastewater (water that is no longer needed or can no longer be used) into bilge water that can be released into the environment. Wastewater can be from many activities, such as swimming, laundry, use of toilets and stormwater runoff. Wastewater is full of pollutants, including bacteria, chemicals, and other toxins. Its treatment aims to reduce pollutants to acceptable levels to make the water suitable for its release into the environment. A good project management performs engineering tasks related to the preparation of proposals, designing systems, scoping of the project and the execution of the objectives.
The organization appoints the project manager to accomplish the objectives and bring prosperous to the organization. A project manager is someone who has overall responsibility for the successful start-up, planning, design, implementation, monitoring, control and closure of the wastewater treatment plant. Large companies appoint trained project managers, project teams and major project divisions for attaining the tasks. Good project management not only streamlines projects but also helps in the bottom line. Size and complexity of the water treatment projects and the huge sums of money and engineering efforts, special attention is required in the project management process.
The PMBOK guide indicates that project management is “the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements (Heagney, 2012).” Using the skills acquired through project management, large companies can treat the wastewater effectively by considering the end of the project. When planning the project from start to finish, companies can use restoration practices throughout the project and remain socially acceptable.
The negative impact on treating the wastewater affects the public and environment badly. Thus, proper care and attention should be given in the treatment to achieve zero tolerance. By achieving the task, the city as well country will progress in a positive by achieving the treatment of water in positively. For the successful completion of the task, the project manager should assign tasks to well-qualified skills persons under different disciplines. A proper plan for executing on strategic goals is very important in the process of project management.
A good project manager avoids situations where lack of concentration and encourages the completion of tasks in a timely manner, dividing a project into tasks for the teams. Often, the foresight to adopt this approach is what differentiates good project management from bad. Splitting into smaller parts of the work allows teams to stay focused on clear goals, focus on achieving the goal by taking small steps and quickly identifying risks, as risk management is important for the management of projects.
The goal of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment is to remove pollutants, remove toxic substances, neutralize large particles, kill pathogens to improve the quality of discharged water to the level of water allowed to be discharged into bodies of water or agricultural land. Thus, the project manager must ensure all these steps and methods are followed in the project by regular monitoring.
Without proper project management, it is possible to establish budget estimates and project completion deadlines that are too ambitious or lack similar estimates of estimates for similar projects. In the end, this means that without good project management, the projects are delivered late and exceed the budget. A good project manager can analyze and balance available resources, with the required calendar, and develop a realistic calendar. Project management is important during planning because it brings objectivity to planning. A good project manager creates a clear process of limited duration that allows all members of the project team to work within reasonable limits and without unreasonable expectations.
Good project management practice entails project managers to carefully analyze all potential risks to the project, quantify them, develop a mitigation plan for them, and provide an emergency plan, if applicable. In wastewater treatment plant, risk management is a must, as there is numerous health-related risk is there for public or the workers if there is an unplanned event occurs. Plant project manager should take responsibility to analysis the hazard and organize consequently to minimize the effect of it. Naturally, the risks must be expedited according to the chance of their occurrence, and the appropriate responses are allocated by risk. Good project management is important in this regard since projects never go according to plan and the way we manage change and adapt our plans is essential for the success of projects.
Effective project management is something that needs to be adopted by the environmental community. It has been demonstrated time and time again that project management can work for any project by applying launch, planning, execution, supervision and control processes, as well as a closure (Heagney, 2012). In wastewater treatment plant, the project manager plays a vital role in making the project to achieve the objectives, to treat water and kill the pathogens and other harmful bacteria so that water can be discharged to water bodies or to agricultural land. Also, the project manager is someone who has overall responsibility for the successful start-up, planning, design, implementation, monitoring, control and closure of the wastewater treatment plant.
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What is Wastewater Treatment and Process of Wastewater Treatment

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