Walking into this new chapter of your life, you’re a tad bit anxious, but excited for what is to come. Wearing an outfit you laid out the night before, when you could barely sleep because of nerves. Gripping the straps of your backpack, and strolling into this school building where you will spend the next four years of your life, you think about all the memories you’ll make. You look around and take it all in. Fluorescent lights beaming on the dusty linoleum floors. Miserably rude upperclassmen. Grimey lockers. Rowdy sophomores. This definitely isn’t like the movies. Many television shows and movies, aimed at twelve to eighteen year olds, depict high school very poorly. It is seen as almost glamorous to be a student, with incredible amounts of free time for parties and no cares in the world. In reality, you never see characters stressing over tests, homework, staying up late to finish essays, or even applying to colleges.


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