My personal vision is to have a life of meaning to myself and others. It is important to me that I live my life in a way that shows kindness, care and concern for my family and friends and even strangers that I may come into contact with on a day to basis. I would like to maintain my respect for myself and others, well growing and maintaining my love for helping less fortunate individuals.
I want to have a career and lifestyle that includes an endless amount of learning and growing as a myself. I would like to work with and be around persons who influence me to be better person. It is also important for me I am more thoughtful or share wisdom and things that I have learnt to persons who are coming up after me like how many persons have touched my life.
My personal mission is to become the best me.
My goals are 1) learning new techniques about marketing and management, 2) adopting more negotiation skills, 3) developing a more positive thinking, 4) communicate effectively, 5) learn and develop time management skills, 6) learn effective presentation skills and 7) developing my communications skills.

Within my current position I see myself as being an asset to my company. I am always willing to go the extra mile to get the job completed. I have developed a special relationship with both internal and external persons who assist me with completing a task and I think that is a good way to network within the marketing field. In five years, I see myself accomplishing my PcG in Marketing and perusing a masters in International Business but focusing on Marketing Management. I would also like to obtain a degree in Big Data so that I would be able to analyze the data collected from online advertising and sales. In that time, I see myself changing my job path to Marketing Analysis. By choosing to take this course and completing these modules, I have learnt so much about marketing theories. Currently, we are learning about the next marketing mix 4C’s and I was able to corporate that into a presentation I was doing for a Father’s Day promotion.

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My short-term goals are to learn as much as I can from my manager and other persons who have some sort of involvement in my career. I would like to finish my studies by completing my Post Graduate Certificate in Marketing and obtain certificates in event management and public relations. My long-term goal is to become a manager in marketing internationally and start my own business doing something that I love and be able to have a positive impact on my family and friends.


I'm Katy

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