Virgin Atlantic is a business with not many levels of control meaning they have a flat structure. They have very few levels of hierarchy. The lines of communication are short meaning messages do not have to travel very far so they are responsive to change. However, this can also mean that managers can feel overstretched as they have a wide span of control. They have three main people CEO, CFO and chairman. This also tells us they are the three most valued members of virgin atlantic. The chairman Richard Branson, also founder of virgin atlantic, does however not do a lot of decision making when it comes to the business. That’s why he employs people to do it for him. In comparison to the CEO of the business has a huge amount of responsibility over the company and does make some important decisions within the business. An example of this is that the CEO of virgin Atlantic is linked to every platform in their structurewhich shows this person has a lot of work to be complete and see to. (see appendix 2)
The aims and objectives of Virgin Atlantic is to provide quality service to their customers. To give passengers an option to travel to locations other airlines don’t offer and to exceed the amount of money they made previously.
Their long term goal / aim is to provide their passengers with a seamless travel experience from the time of booking all the way through to them disembarking at their destination. This means will be a one stop shop for all their passenger’s needs. Virgin Atlantic also have another aim which they wish to achieve this is to provide the highest quality innovative service at excellent value for money for all classes of air travelers.


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