Unlike in the movie only two girls from the group went to Vietnam as it was bad timing and they had also been protesting against the war and thought it would be going against their beliefs to then go to Vietnam and perform for the troops. There were originally only three girls but Lois peeler then joined the group when Naomi and Beverly decided not to go. The two girls who did go(laurel and Lois)were sisters and were the cousins of Naomi mayers and Beverly Briggs. Instead of auditioning to go to Vietnam Mayers, Briggs and Robinson had been performing at the tiki village club for a while and the band invited them to perform for the troops. It was one of the sapphires sons tony Briggs who wrote the movie as he was always so interested in his mums story and thought it would make a great movie. In the movie there was a scene where there girls were fired at, at a concert this actually happened to the two girls and they originally thought that someone was just setting off fire crackers.


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