Truong Nguyen
Professor Gallamore
Humanities 2143-MR01S
18 April 2017
Unit 3 Assessment
Option B 2
Every hero has it certain heroic characteristics, qualities, and its traits. Heroes are among our lives every day, it not complexes at saving life or scarified for someone but it could also simply help someone out. There are many stories about great warriors, and champion; those about epic heroes however in unit 3, one tale stands out all the rest: Beowulf a tale of a hero, on his journey to achieve something of great value to himself and to society, defeat monster, and yet maintains it humanity. Beowulf embodies the highest ideal of his culture, by travel to find adventure and connected to his follower. One of Beowulf heroic characteristics is that the defeat of monster and other malevolence. Not only using a brutal force, but also tactic, such as the time Beowulf attack Grendel’s sensitive ears. Or the time when he disposes Grendel’s Mother by using a gigantic sword in her lair to decapitate her. The battle between the Dragon just prove of how much valiant Beowulf actually is, going after the Dragon single-handedly, instead of endangering his people. Knowing that he could lose his life, but he still concerned about his comrade, “If this combat kills me, take care of my young company, my comrade in arms” (390-391). Beowulf makes Hrothgar promise him that if he dies, Hrothgar will look after this comrade and mean no harm to them. In this tale, Beowulf got me believe that the good and evil does exist for centuries. Our greatest challenge will come, it’s our choice to be like Beowulf, noble and courageous, or like Grendel, evil and greedy.

Work Cite
Rosenberg, Donna. Beowulf. McGraw Hill/Glencoe, 2006.

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