AC power supply AC input voltage on input file. But immediately before
The coil is made by a high-frequency conversion through which the frequency is increased from 50 Hz to several kHz. This is done effectively to achieve long distance and reduce power consumption. This frequency is converted by using the switch devices through which the devices can be rotated and input as input to the transfer (basic file) and the voltage flow through this file in the electromagnetic waves that then move towards the future

The receive inductor (secondary file) is used to receive electromagnetic waves that produce the voltage inside the coil which is in the form of AC. This effort
The filter and the filter circuit that converts AC voltage to DC format remove non-spam using the filter. This circuit is used to provide DC voltage on approx. The future voltage may be in an unorganized form and must be regulated using the voltage regulator even when the output is regulated by which we regulate the DC voltage. This voltage is then given to the regulator in which the load is paid

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Items Activity Desecration
A -research about information transmitter and receiver.
The Internet method is used to search for the receiver’s and transmitter’s information

B Search for the required coil I’ll look for the coil in the circle to find the coil needed to tweak the circle

C Simulation A simulation of the circuit is made to ensure that it is operated and connected, and that the circuit is vibrated without any errors

D Purchase of circuit components
You will spend a few days buying out all the necessary components and looking for the required components to buy a department

E Conduct tests for components
The components purchased shall be tested to ensure that they are used in the circuit and their carrying capacity in the circuit

F Install the components
After the tests have been done on the ingredients, they are removed

G Work a test for a circuit
After connecting the circuit, a complete circuit test is carried out to check for any fault in the circuit or a problem to stop the circuit after the circuit

H Reconnect them
After the test circuit I will find a problem in the installation will be reconnecting the circuit again to find out what is the problem and correct it

I Re – test the entire circuit
After installing the components again, there is no problem to be re-tested on the circuit completely

time line
Activity dependence Duration(days)
A -research about information ——– 21 days
B Search for the required coil A 14days
C Simulation
A,B 14 days
D Purchase of circuit components
C 14 days
E Conduct tests for components
D 14 days
F Install the components
E 21days
G Work a test for a circuit
F 14 days
H Reconnect them
G 14days
I Re – test the entire circuit
H 14 days
Total duration ——————— ———————
140 days

-gnat chart

-flow chart

Ethical approval
The content is that Dr. agreed to the project in terms of me and I am a plagiarism and that the project can be stimulated and appreciated that many people deal with it and benefit from it in practical life
– resources
1- Human resources
handmade coil specialist : We need a specialist to coil professionally
Assessor : We need an assessor to supervise us during the implementation of the mobile wireless charging circuit so that it will help us if there are any errors in the circuit
laps superviser : We will need supervisors and facilitators to open the lab to work inside the lab
2- physical
– internet : The Internet is the best way to search for information that is relevant to the project
– word : Word will need to write information on it in a structured, orderly and correct way
-simulator: The circuit is drawn on this program to make sure the circuit is run and tested correctly
-power point : Is a a way of presenting and presenting information, data and research results. Used in public and private meetings to present a topic to a group of attendees
-Possible resource of funding
-El Sewedy

Items Components Number
1 IC2 7805 1
2 IC1 555 1
3 Resistances 5
4 Capacitors 6
5 CON 1 1
6 Transistor 2
7 Coil 1

ITEMS Component Number
1 Resistor 5
2 Coil 1
3 Bridge Rectifier 1
4 polarized capacitor 3
5 LED 2
6 MC34063 1
7 MC34063 (Buck/ Boost Regulator IC) 1
8 Capacitor 4
9 1N5819 (Schottky Diode) 1


Reference Total cost price Number component Item
10 L.E
HTTP://RAM-E-SHOP.COM/ 4.50 L.E 4.50L.E 1 IC7805
10.00 L.E 10.00L.E 1 polarized capacitor 6
0.50L.E 1
HTTP://WWW.ELGAMMALELECTRONICS.COM/ 25.00 L.E 25.00 L.E 1 Adaptor 12V 9
Essam Motors 80.00 L0E 80.00 L.E 1 Handmade coil 10
Total cost =164 L.E

Reference Total cost price Number component Item
7.5 2,5 3 Capacitor 2
HTTP://RAM-E-SHOP.COM/ 9.00 3.00 3 Polarized capacitor (220µF, 25V) 3
10.00 10.00 1 Fixed coil (220µH) 6
Esamm mototr 80.00 80.00 1 Handmade coil 8
Esamm motor 75.00 75.00 1 Handmade coil specialist 9
Total cost=217
The total cost component= 164+217= 381 L.E

Aims and objectives
The goal of the project is to drive a wireless drive, ensure that the circuit is designed in a way that reduces transmission loss, and carries a fixed load at the receiving end without any fluctuations.
This project is the design and implementation of wireless energy successfully
Residential transport system. The system will use resonant files to transfer power from the AC ceiling to various devices. The main objective is to achieve the transmission of the wireless energy via the coupling of the resonance between the transceiver and the files in the transceiver in the near field. To prove that power is transmitted successfully wirelessly, LED lights, battery and DC fan are used.
There are many benefits to using such a system:
– Wars on the ground that make the risk of tracking.
– Allows any wiring installation
– a necessary step towards wireless consumer power

-what is wireless power transfer
Wireless power transmission (WPT) is the process by which power is transferred from a power source to an electric load through an air gap using an induction coil. These files produce an electromagnetic field that sends energy from a base station (transmitter) to a file on a portable device (receiver) with complete galvanic isolation. The receiver receives energy from the electromagnetic field and converts it into electrical energy.
-How to perform wireless power transfer
Wireless power transmission works by transferring power to a receiver at the back of the phone via electromagnetic induction. The power transfer uses induction coils to create an alternating electromagnetic field, which converts the receiver file in the phone into electricity to be fed into the battery.
Why are use Wireless power transfer
It is used for many features
– In the future, we appreciate that all devices operate wirelessly to transmit power without the need for cables
-Easy and fast way to transfer power to devices at any time.
– Reduce the use of the USB port and thus reduce the possibility of damage or failure.
– A safe way to transfer power other than a USB connection that may be dangerous at times.
-Many places now work with wireless charging pads, so you can easily move power anywhere without having to find a USB connection and a wall jack.
Where to use the wireless power transfer
It is used wherever electricity is located and is used by devices that support the technology of transmitting power. Wireless transmission without the need for cables or wires is used in public places factories and companies
Who use the wireless power transfer
They are used by people who use devices that support special power transmission and are estimated to be shipped via wireless power transmission
Any device with a receiving circuit can transmit power to a wireless device
When the project takes days to implement
The project is implemented within 140 days and this is the standard time for the project
-in put voltage 12 V DC
The voltage setting in this circuit shall be 12 volts so that it is suitable and the voltage is the required voltage in the circuit
-in put current 300 MA
This means that the current required for this circuit is to introduce 300 mA and this is the current position of the circuit
-Frequency 2.6 GHZ
The frequency of the wireless transmission circuit should be 2.6GHZ is to be the genealogy of the circuit and compatible with it
between distance 1M
The appropriate distance between the receiver and transmitter is 1m for transmitting the power over the specified range
Swot analysis
-There is one in the group and one non-professional in the welding circuit
-There is no one else from the group working on winding the coil correctly and shaking the other part of the project
-When one of the group is selected to work on the components test and when connected, a fault occurs and Daria is not turned on because of the person’s inability to test the components
-We are in our group and one of our professional welding departments
– We have identified all the components of the project for your project. When analyzing the work on the project, we will work on developing the idea

-It happens that we are not able to weld and we have not known one of the people teach us the welding of the Dwyer’s to let you threaten the project

-Will happen if the coil is not working properly and there is no professional specialist in winding the coil and no one help us to work on it
-The requested component was not found, so the project is stopped, delayed in time, and the specified redirect is not delivered

– One professional is recognized in the welding circuit to help us in welding work
One is specialized in coil winding-

-Opportunities are buying new components again and buying additional components and replacement of damaged components

-over loaded work:
When one of us is not finished working and is not able to work in the project we must cooperate with him and help him until he gets rid of the work
-retiring worker:
After the work of the group, which is five people, the work is divided on us
When something happens and one of us leaves the group after the start of the project, what happens is that we are re-dividing the work on four people to be delivered in time
-components get damaged:
When a circuit is connected or a component is tested, any error can occur, which is to damage or burn one of the components. The solution is to buy more of the components or buy an alternative to the components. If something else happens in the circuit, we have more components and an alternative to the components. From time we then connect the circuit again
Time risk Percentage Impact
over loaded work 40% 1
retiring worker 50% 2
components get damaged 20% 1

in time risk table
-risks Recourses
-Parameter not available:
We need to enter some plants to work inside it and can happen on the day during the work in the project if not exist, which is responsible for the labs will be late at work and you can communicate with him on the method of mobile number to ensure that there is in the laboratory before Mandel to work in it
-If there is no specialist in coil winding;
In this case, the specialist in winding the coil is not in place or there is another circumstance. Therefore, tampering with another source to work on winding the coil in a proper manner. If there is no other specialist or source in the winding coil, the work may be affected and the work in the project will stop. This is how to learn how to roll the coil fro the first to the other properly to get the required and this takes a lot of time
-component failure
Failure of components the burning of any component will occur when the circuit is connected or when the test is done or the temperature is increased. If one of the components fails or burns, we will need to buy new components. When purchasing the components, we must take additional components. In the circle will have additional components with us and this will enrich us to buy new components again
Recourses risks Percentage Impact
Parameter not available 20% 3
If there is no specialist in coil winding 10% 3
component failure 50% 3

Recourses risks table
-20%*3= 0.6
-50%*3= 1.5
*(1.6+2.4) / (5*6) = 13%
Since the output is 13% the risk ratio is high

-Methodology OF the magnetic field
In this way, primary and secondary files work as sending and receiving antennas, respectively. File functions also transfer the inductive energy by creating an alternating magnetic field (flow) in the transponder file and converting that flow to an electrical current in the receiver file. Depending on the distance between the transceiver and the files, the magnetic flow generated by the transmitter file penetrates the receiver file and contributes more flow power to the best files for the receiver. Efficiency decreases quickly as the distance increases. Magnetic resonance imaging is shown in high-quality, high-efficiency files. Maximum power efficiency can be achieved across a wide range of distances and orientations. The transmitting antenna consists of an LC-based transmission file. As electricity moves through this file The oscillator generates a signal at a frequency where the maximum energy transfer occurs; then the signal is amplified through the amplifier leading to a volatile magnetic field. Magnetic waves that resonate at a given frequency from the transmitter to the receiver interact with a future file to induce future power. – The files must be of the same type as the wire between the two files and the distance between the two files should be equal.

AC power supply voltage AC input on the input of the file. But immediately before
Its application to the coil is made by a high-frequency conversion through which the frequency gets increased from 50 Hz to several kHz. This is done effectively to achieve long distance and to reduce energy consumption. This frequency is converted using the switch
The devices through which the devices can be rotated and given as input to the transfer (primary file) and the flow of the voltage through this coil is in the electromagnetic waves which are then transmitted towards the receiver (secondary file)

The receive inductor (secondary file) is used to receive electromagnetic waves which produce the voltage inside the coil which is in AC format. This effort passed
Rectifier and a filter circuit that converts the AC voltage into DC form eliminates unwanted Contents using filter. This circuit is used to provide DC voltage on approx. The future voltage may be in an unorganized form and must be regulated using the voltage regulator even when the output we obtain regulates DC voltage. This organized effort is then given to the pregnancy that it pays.

Microwave Energy The microwave oscillator is produced by precise wavelengths at frequencies ranging from 1 GHz to 1000 GHz. These waves are then propagated to a distant distance with the help of directional antennas. Microwave furnaces emitted from the receiving antenna are converted into electrical power to operate the attached load The installed system is called the receiving end, whose responsibility is to convert the microwave to a direct stream called the rectum. The construction units in the rectangle have a dual antenna. The electrode is connected to the diode by the diode in the AC rectification caused by the microwave to generate direct current. 95% conversion efficiency was identified. It has been proposed to transfer microwave energy with the help of transferring energy from solar-powered satellites to Earth

The microwave is generated. This radiation then passes through a coaxial transformer, which in turn is connected, to the waveform device. Protects the rotation of the microwave waveform source of the reflected energy The tuner matches the impedance between the transmitting antenna and the microwave source. The signals are then separated based on the signal propagation direction by a directional association. The antenna transmits regularly through free space to the receiving antenna where the microwave radiation passes through a low pass filter
– Magnetic field The energy is transferred to a few spaces

-Microwave efficiency in energy transfer is less
-The microwave method needs a lot of work space and many components
-The magnetic field is ineffective for longer distances

– Methodology is the method of magnetic field of higher efficiency and better than microwave
-In the microwave and then spread these waves to a long distance
-The magnetic field needs a few components to circuit and coil

-In the field of magnetic field efficiency up to 45%
-The microwave needs a large circuit space

-Output Power Microwave 100 Kilowatts

-In the microwave distance is kilometers
-In the microwave, the cost is expensive
High-energy magnetic field loss-
Non-directional magnetic field-
-Magnetic field The area of the circuit is less
– Distance Few Meters the magnetic field
-Magnetic field method The output power is 60 watts-
-Magnetic field method is inexpensive
-Microwave losses are less than the magnetic field
-In the microwave mode efficiency reaches 54%
Simple magnetic field design-
-Magnetic field operating less frequency
-The magnetic field worked for a short distance

The idea behind wireless transmission is a pioneering process and will be widely adopted as the biggest breakthrough in power transmission. Just as wireless communication changed the way we communicate, wireless electricity will open doors to new scientific methods
We will choose the magnetic field method because its price is low and if it is cooperated it is an easy and simple way and its concept has been identified components and information about it
The second type of microwave is found in defects –
The microwave needs a large circuit space-
-Output Power Microwave 100 Kilowatts
-In the microwave distance isomers
-In the microwave, the cost is expensive
We have not agreed on a gender bias and we do not have sufficient information on the type and it requires research to identify the required information


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