Topic: Social Media in Improving Mental Health
How long do you spend on you cellphone? 2 hours, 4, or more? What do you most usually do with your telephone? Many answers are communicating. As the technology develops, more and more people discover the attraction of the cellphone, especially the social apps in it. Through these social apps, the world seems to turn smaller, people from all over the world chatting with each other. And with the popularity of the social media, there are few people who are away from social apps or network sites. If you go along the street, you will find that almost everyone has a cellphone or pad in hand, busy in handling their “businesses” through the modern tools. Some people hold the opinion that social media improves mental health because people can broaden their horizons through social media and pour out their heart to the strangers. However, others disagree with this opinion, supposing that social media improves mental health. They think that as the social media develops, there are more and more dangerous factors on the Internet. A person crazy about social media may hate the real life and he might be easily induced by the people with a certain special purpose behind the screen. This divergence causes a heated discussion about whether social media improves mental health. As to this question, my answer is no.

First of all, if we are too addicted to the social media, we may be lack of sleep. Since we were primary school students, our parents and teachers have been telling us to sleep early and wake up early. Then what will happen if we don’t have enough sleep? Firstly, little sleep can speed up skin aging, the faces of the beautiful girls may be covered with wrinkles and spots at a young age. Secondly, a person lack of sleep for a long time may suffer from heavy health problems such as heart diseases which can even cause death. Thirdly, long-term sleep deprivation will increase the risk of depression, that is, tristimania. Sleep deprivation and depression are good brothers, the heavier one symptom is, the heavier the other. At the same time, the person who they happen to will be weaker and weaker. Fourthly, the lack of sleep can make it hard to pay attention and memorize something. This is also the reason why nearly everybody is complaining about sleep deprivation. You have also done this, don’t you? So next time you are not willing to put off the cellphone at 12 in the evening, imagine how you will feel in the next morning. Maybe you will go to bed immediately.
What’s more, social media is lack of effective supervision until today. Compared with the people and their words in reality, it is harder to control the information spreading on the social media, whose function is realized through the Internet. Though we locate the network address through modern advanced technology, it is difficult to find out who is playing the mobile terminal, such as computer and cellphone. Therefore, it is a little dangerous to pour out your heart to a net friend, because you can never know who the person is behind the screen. Since that people’s identification on the Internet is hard to recognize, some of them may take advantage of this “freedom” to say whatever they want to but dare not say in the real life. These words can be fake news and network attach, causing social disorder. For example, in 2013, a 14-year-old British girl called Hanna committed suicide because of the abuse on the Internet. The cyber mob sneered that she was fat and asked her to die with the most devil words. Finally this girl could not stand up with the cyber bullying any longer and hanged herself. The Prime Minister of Britain Cameron urged the operators of social network site to take action to control cyber violence. This case also aroused the attention of the whole world. People come to realize that if the people are too free on the social media, they may cause enormous to the individuals and society. The victims who suffer from network attack on the social media must live in fear and anxiety every day. Is there any mental health for them? And for those who hurt others and even damage the society on the social media, they may be satisfied with their “fruit” and do bad things more crazily the next time to satisfy their abnormal mind. We cannot see their mental health improve through social media.

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Last, but not the least, chatting on surface through the social media cannot satisfy people’s communicative need. We can look back to the messages we have sent and received before, most of the contents are about daily life and study. In fact, the new social media essentially plays the role of telephone in the past, cheaper, wider and more vivid. There is no doubt that people rarely have a discussion about their ambitions and inner feeling through a simple phone. It is the same with social media. Its speed and convenience decides that the users tend to glance at the messages only with eyes. They will not see them with heart because they know that the messages written rapidly don’t bear some emotions or feelings. This cycle brings about a result- the communication on the social media cannot shoot at people’s inner world. There is an interesting phenomenon that two guys talking a lot with each other may be only acquaintances. Why? because their chatting is always on the surface, not deeply into the heart. People cannot show their real feelings completely even in video chatting. In this sense, if you want to build a complete mentality, the best way is to have a communication face to face with your families, teachers or friends.

People who support social media improves mental health believe that they are enjoying a wider social community. More and more people can take part in the same chatting stage. For those who are familiar with each other, they can talk about the topics rare to mention in reality. In this way, they can know each other better. For the strangers, social media provides them with a good opportunity to communicate with more people, knowing a more colorful world through views of people from different places. And according to a psychological principle, people tend to think that a stranger is a safe choice to talk about inner secrets because they will never give away the secrets. In addition, the functions of sending instant words, pictures, voices, videos and memes make the Internet communication more vivid, more convenient and more interesting. Therefore, social media helps people communicate more freely and more amusingly. People can relax themselves effectively though new social communities, which is really good for their mental health. However, this is only what we can gain at the beginning. That is to say, if you go further and further on the road of social media, you can find the disadvantages disguised by the above advantages.
To conclude, though social media provides us with a convenient stage to chat with more people, it is of little help to improve our mental health. Instead, using social media in a wrong way can make us suffer a lot from the aspect of mental health. If we really want to have our mentality developed, face-to-face communication in reality will be the best choice.

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