Topic: Compare and contrast the winter life of Ground squirrels and Monarch butterflies.

Ground squirrels are mammals while monarch Monarch butterflies are insects. In that case, what are the similarities and differences between ground squirrels and monarch Monarch butterflies. ? These two things animals of mammal and insect are have nothing in common. Food, clothing and shelter are important to all animals, so this essay will focus more on ground squirrels and monarchMonarch butterflies’ food and shelter. Therefore, the winter lives of monarchMonarch butterflies and ground squirrels are similar in their way of storing food and hibernation; , and they are different in migration.

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First, I will explain about the winter life style of monarchMonarch butterflies. Monarch butterflies have a 3.7 to 4.1- inches wingspan, and a monarchMonarch’s weight is 0.27g to 0.75g. I will discuss separately the three aspects, which are the storing of food, hibernation, and migration. Monarch butterflies store food like milkweeds in their stomach, and they only eat milkweeds that a common name for plants in the genus. This is due to the difficulty in to getting food when traveling long distances. In addition, monarchMonarch butterflies hibernate in a tree of in the place that they migrated to, and for every year, they hibernate at the same tree. The best feature of monarchMonarch butterflies is that they migrate south and west in the fall, and they are the only insects which that migrates 2,500 miles away every fall season. This is because, they can-not resist low the low temperatures in the northern and central continents, and also, place prior before to migration migrating has no food. In addition, they go back to the north form from the east on in February to Mach.

In sequence, I will introduce the winter life style of ground squirrels. Squirrels are about 7 to 8 inches long and weigh about 0.5 to 0.875 pounds,. also Also, they have 4 front teeth that they use for cutting or grinding when they eat nuts or seeds. Also, I will discuss separately the three aspects about them separately like with the Monarch butterflies. Ground squirrels eat grasses, seeds, grains, nuts, insects, and larvae before winter. They dig and make caves and tunnels under the ground to store food in winter. This is because, it is difficult to do activities and to find some food in the winter. Additionally, Ground ground squirrels sleep under the ground and is are close to each other to maintain body temperature, and they hibernate for about 5 to 6 months. some Some Ground ground squirrels don’t do not hibernate under the ground if the climate iss too cold during live while they are under the ground. One of the most significant things is that ground squirrels don’t do not migrate like monarchMonarch butterflies, but they dig under the ground before winter. Therefore, they avoid the cold by staying under the ground.

Monarch butterflies overcome winter through migration, while ground squirrels use the ground. In that way, their difference is noticeable. However, monarchMonarch butterflies and ground squirrels are the same in a way that they endure using the appropriate method. People need food, clothing, and shelter to survive. Likewise, those are most important for ground squirrels and monarchMonarch butterflies. Thus, humans should not be take taking away their nests and food for humans’s food, clothing, and shelter through discriminating development and deforestation. Ultimately, humans must not forget that all animals’ lives are important and precious such as humans’ lives.

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