Today the health conditions of the elderly population sector pose a complicated scheme, which not only involves illness and death but also disability and limitation of activities of daily life. The increase in life expectancy leads to an increase in the number of chronic diseases that affect more than one organ or system, which affects a considerable increase in the use and consumption of drugs in the elderly population. Generally, the multiple diseases and comorbidities that occur over the years lead to the use of several medications, each to treat different diseases or conditions. The polypharmacy syndrome can occur due to duplication of medicines for the same disease because in certain opportunities older people consult different doctors and do not have the full list of all the medicines they are already using, they do not remember the names or type of drugs that are receiving, resulting in an increased risk of adverse effects among the elderly population. This research project aims to assess the incidence of drug-related problems among the population over 65 years of age to improve the use of medications by health professionals involved in the care of adults and promote a rigorous assessment when imposing treatment schemes, to minimize the risks of the appearance of adverse effects.


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