To start with,Advancing principled and inventive leadership expertise ans skills:The World Youth Forum (WYF)encourages competence skills that are important for young individuals to fight and make a change in the world.Also, a chance to improve my communication and interpersonal skills.
Moreover , Developing a Universal Network: This forum provides young individuals with an exceptional chance to network with like minded people ,making a disparity in the world and its problems such as youth unemployment among others.
Furthermore, Boosting Global perspective: spending almost a week with young people from different parts of the world is a concise opportunity to appreciate and experience culture from others around the globe and bringing us closer to form one big family regardless of where you from and who you are.
In Conclusion,Advancing principled and inventive leadership expertise,Developing a universal network and Boosting Global perspective are the reasons why i will love to attend the World Youth Forum(WYF)


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