To make a best decision one should consider the organizational requirements and then the objective of the job analysis procedure. Selecting the method depends on the nature of the job. Then determine if the method would be people focused or tasked focused. Other variables to consider include the organizational structure, hierarchical levels, in addition to responsibilities and duties involved in the job. Consideration should also be given to time cost and effort. The interview method- Incumbents in the job are interviewed about what they do in addition to this, they are asked questions about what they need to know to do the job or parts of the job. This may offer important information about the job that may not be given effectively in other methods such as meetings. The interview can be structured or unstructured. A structured interview has a specific design and is used to prevent legal issues. An unstructured interview has no real prepared questions and is conversational. But the interviewer should explain the focus and purpose of the discussion. The analysts or interviewer should have good people skills in order to establish rapport. At this point it should generate an exchange of conversation and render accurate information about various aspects of the job. In addition to this it requires active listening by the Interviewer The critical incident interview – concentrates on work-related problems. This type of interview reflects on behaviors that are critical to the line of work. In addition to this it reflects on the performance of persons that were supervised. The interviewee is given an interview guide before the interview. After the interview, feedback is analyzed.


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