Throughout history, the issue of beauty has always been a concern for women. In society, it is relatively common for women to be judged by their appearance rather than by their virtue. Society also decides the standard of beauty. This leads to women consciously and unconsciously conforming to this idea of beauty. The idea of being slim and tall like a model, looking youthful, and having flawless skin/hair are some ideas that women aspire to have. The fear of being hideous, which some women harbor inside, is beyond what it appears. Thus, entrepreneurs take advantage of this fear and turn it into profits. Companies use many different ways in which people advertise using different techniques. How the ad is laid out and designed is very important and the advertising techniques being used are equally important when trying to sell a product. One of the many successful companies is a cosmetic company called L’oreal. They promote their beauty products by making use of media through advertisements and rhetoric. This advertisement is an example of the power of rhetoric, because it appeals to beauty standards that judge women’s social value by utilizing the rhetorical elements such as ethos, logos, and pathos to achieve its goal.


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