This means by, the pedagogical ‘knowledge base’ of teachers includes all the required cognitive knowledge for creating effective teaching and learning environments. In the movie, when Ms. Cheryl introduce to the students about the ‘Sistem Ganjaran Prestasi Kelas’ which she gave the students a sticker whenever they did kind things or answering a right question given by her in the classroom, the students were all excited to collect all of the stickers to redeem a reward from her. This shows a method on how to attract the students to become more interested in learning and striving in that subject. Some approaches consider the teaching-learning process only from the perspective of teaching, while others take into account the student’s input to the process as well. In the movie, on the 20 minutes part when Ms. Cheryl wanted to teach them poetry, she asked her students to put away the textbooks as they don’t even know how to spell poetry. She then teaches them ABC’s and how to pronounce them correctly. With this teaching practice, her students will not only know the basic learning part but also understood by its impact on student learning outcomes.


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