These schools are designed to educate all forms of students, wherever needs the individual has. They’re providing their own ethos and opportunities.

This school is to encourage teaching outdoor. They make use of local woodland and natural places. They develop stronger social skills, promote higher self-esteem and they are more relaxed. It is beneficial for the special need students such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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These are schools which have a religion designation. They have an ethos of a particular faith, for example Sikhism or Christianity. They have a good academic result. “National Secular Society raises the point that the children of all beliefs should be educated together so that there is a greater tolerance and understanding of different faiths and cultures in society.”

This school were introduced in 1970’s for children between aged 9-14 years. It doesn’t offer specific opportunities. The some belief it offered better transition stage between education tears. Advantage is that middle schools do not have to provide education for a wide age range or such large number of students.

This school is not run by a local council but gets its money from government through the Education Funding Agency or EFA.


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