Therefore, although English as a global language can have some positive impacts in the field such as business communication and education, it has more adverse impacts. Due to English dominance, there is a loss of cultural identity. For example, third world countries like Africa and Asia is mainly influenced by the English language because English was mainly used to promote communication across the world for business. Alfarhan (2016, cited in Hatoss, 2003). So English has influenced other culture also. For example, China has been known to conservative and protected to its culture. But due to industrialization, it has influenced their dedication to culture and over the past year, we have witnessed several changes. Nowadays English is taught in various schools, Alfrahan (2016 cited in Johnson, 2009). Internationalization has greatly influenced China to learn English. Additionally, another major negative impact is the discrimination of languages. For example, people are required to have good English skill when they apply for jobs. It is discrimination to those people who cannot speak and write in English. Moreover, that is almost 86% of people around the world learn English as a foreign language to have a prestigious position. Pandarungga (2015, cited in Tusda, 2008). Another example, the internationalization event such as the Olympic Games that were held in Beijing in 2008. At some point, people were forced to improve their English skill. Taxi drivers, official fame staffs, hotel management, and staffs were forced to improve their English skill even they did not want to.Alfarahan (2016, cited in John, 2009).


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