“There are still not enough classrooms and teachers for senior high school students in the Cordilleras.” (Cordillera Administrative Region, 2018). In this case the Government needs to take action in order to maintain the good qualities and the capabilities of a school for senior high school students.

“The government should make a policy to ensure that at least one less endowed school would be provided facilities such as dormitories, teachers’ bungalows, science laboratories, equipment and classrooms every year.” (Prof Andam, 2007). In this case, policies like this are definitely needed as the lack of school equipments and facilities are mostly the problem of every schools. This program is necessarily required in order for different universities to take action in their grounds.

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“The lack of learning materials, facilities and manpower were among the problems teachers are facing in the implementation of K to 12.” (Conrado Contreras, 2014). These problems particularly can lead to the absence of knowledge by students who come to school usually on a daily basis. A lot of negative results are drawn towards the teachers and other members of the school facilities.

“There have been delays in the past in the delivery of learning materials such as activity sheets and modules for the students. For this year, they are targeting to deliver them during the first week of classes.” (Elvin Uy, 2014). With this type of complication, the head of the department should be the one to organize the files for the students modules in order for a successful shipment and it is a must to prioritize the students needed data in order to avoid the same mistake of being delayed for handing out late modules again.

“We can argue all day about the role of government in our economy, but there are two areas where that role is widely agreed to be essential: education and public infrastructure. Well, there’s a great way to roll those roles together: a deep investment in the quality of our public school facilities.” (Jared Berstein, 2016). We all knew that lack of school facilities can affect the learnings of the students, the government should invest more in building such quality school facilites that can help students in their studies.


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