There are many reasons why effective learning and development is so important within the organisation. These include an increase in employee engagement, job performance, development, interpersonal skills and heightened employee morale. It will also help the organisation reach it strategic objectives and keep it competitive. It will help create a healthier corporate image and develop trust and openness within your workforce. The success of any business relies on an engaged workforce. Not only does offering training to your employees achieve this but it will ensure you develop your staff to have the competencies to fulfil their current roles and prepare them for career development. “The training will give the employee a greater understanding of their responsibilities within their role, and in turn build their confidence. This confidence will enhance their overall performance and this can only benefit the company” 2020 Project Management. (2018). The Importance of Training and DevelopmentintheWorkplace.onlineAvailableat: Accessed 7 Nov. 2018.

Learning and development is one of the key functions within the human resources department (HRD) and takes overall responsibility in managing the process within an organisation. The main objective of HRD is to create a learning environment which will allow knowledge to be shared. When new employees join any organisation they will bring their transferable skills and knowledge with them. However, these skills need to be developed further to enable them to keep up with business changes and the level of professionalism expected in their new role. This training development will engage employees. Learning and development is an important role not only for the HRD but also for line managers who will make vital decisions for their team. Therefore, it is important that line managers have the appropriate skills and experience needed to ensure they make the correct decisions regarding learning and development within their team. The HRD will need to take a more advisory role and support the line managers to ensure they are following HR processes and staying within current legislation to avoid any complaints of discrimination.
Another key issue is how costly it can be to recruit a new employee. If adequate training and support is not provided within their probationary period this could result in the new employee not being confirmed into their post. This would not only mean there would be a need to undertake another recruitment process, but this could also influence the self-esteem of your existing staff. Overall, this could have a negative impact on the business making it important to invest time to train and induct new members of staff professionally. Having a high turnover can be expensive and seriously damaging to an organisation brand. However, by offering training, not only will it reduce staff turnover but also help the organisation be able to retain their staff. This will again enhance the profile of the organisation.

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Learning and Training

Learning and training is a way an organisation can provide additional knowledge and skills to their employees and is an important part of an organisation’s strategy. The main aim of training is to help employees better their performance and increase their skills. This will ensure they are able to fulfill their role to their full potential.

Before identifying what training is required, it is best practice for an organisation to look at their present skill mix to help identify skills and gaps within their workforce. The best method to record this information is to use a competency framework (skills matrix). A competency framework will help towards the organisation achieving its strategic goals by ensuring the competencies and skill mix are aligned to the strategic objectives. By having a competency framework an organisation can ensure their employers have the right skill mix to be able to perform their role to a high standard. This framework can also be used to ensure the right


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