There are different methods of assessment as I have stated before for assesing learners achievement. Some of these are done in form of :
1. Observations where you can speak for yourself .This is an assessment method where the assessor can observe the learner carrying out their tasks practically in a simulated environment or their workplace and most effective and authentic method of assessment. It is a very good example of a holistic approach which is reliable valid and current methods of assessment.
Disadvantages of this method is it can be very time consuming as an assessor one might have to travel to the learner’s work site and improper planning can be a waste of time as observations need to be planned ahead. The learner needs to be notified by the assessor for the pupose of the observation to take place and what needs to be achieved by setting a criteria that needs to be covered. Also it is difficult for assessors to record the complete observation as minor details may be missed unless all are video recorded which again is not possible at all times. Observations can be recorded with audio video or written reports and stored in a pen drive and used later as a cross reference.
2. Recognition of Prior Learning cannot be the best method possible as everyone may not have relevant prior leearning. In this method the learner can use approved certificates to cover criteria on their current assignment so they dont get assessed on same subject multiple times. This type of assessment has to be validated as the learner should be able to demonstrate their current level of competency in respect to their prior learning. Discussions can be made with learner or the learner can file in written statements to back up their approved certification and demonstrate that their knowledge is up tp date.


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