There are a number of valuable things in the world such as friendship, family, love, water, air and tree. Some of them are natural while others are artificial. Natural is limited because when we overly use and pollute environment, it will disappear in the world. Especially, the fresh air and clean water are most important at first. Actually, a great amount of fresh air is made by forests; furthermore, the world’s forests are important for existence because of photosynthesis, soil conservation, and keeping temperature. Then, forests will disappear in the future unless we maintain forest at once.
According to K.v. Pawar and Ravi V. Rothkar (2015) stated that ” at day time trees generate oxygen and store carbon dioxide, which helps to clean air” (p.213), so forests provides the main source of oxygen in the atmosphere, and energy for life. Moreover, photosynthesis is the basis for the survival of the biological world, and an important medium for the carbon and oxygen cycle of the Earth. Without this function, not only plants and animals will lose their vitality, but every biology will starve to death.
Forest cover helps upkeep the soil, and the roots of the tree increase the cohesion of the soil. When the rain comes, the branches and leaves of the trees can not only stop the rain from falling to the ground, reducing the erosion of the soil, but also allow the rain to slowly penetrate into the soil. The roots of the trees absorb the rain and become groundwater, thus saving the water. In Robert Agar’s article (2017), he also mentioned that forests be used as a system of filtering water. Therefore, if excessive forest deforestation occurs, it is easy to cause flash floods and from a rock flow.
Nevertheless, forests store large amounts of carbon and water, which play an important role in regulating the Earth’s temperature and weather patterns. Trees can shade, which reduces summer temperatures and prevents soil from drying out, lowers the heat of the ground during winter. In accordance with Misti Crane (2017), he wrote that “Forests often contribute to an annual cooling in temperate and tropical regions and to warming in northern high-latitude areas of the world.” Hence, this regulatory function has a profound impact on both the local and global climate.


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