Their products are not only coffee, but also the experience culture of coffee shops. Coffee is just a carrier. It is through the carrier of coffee that Starbucks delivers a unique style to customers. The consumption of coffee is largely a perceptual cultural level of consumption. The communication of culture requires that the environmental culture created by the coffee shop can infect customers and form a good interactive experience. “Customer-oriented”: “Taking every customer seriously, cooking only one cup of coffee at a time.” This sentence is based on the corporate philosophy of the old Italian cafe craftsmanship, running through the secret of Starbucks’ rapid rise. Pay attention to the concept of “one at a time”, emphasizing the life experience of “present” in the daily work, life and leisure. Starbucks regards “relationship” as a key asset, especially with employees. In a trip to Italy to inspire Starbucks, Schultz has learned that “baristas” play a key role in creating a comfortable, stable and relaxed environment for customers, who stand behind the coffee shop bar, directly and every A customer-speaking Starbucks coffee bar master decided the atmosphere of the coffee shop. This understanding enabled Schultz to advocate such values in the company, fostering employees’ trust and confidence in the company through promotion, compensation and feedback mechanism. For a company, the first priority is to establish and maintain a relationship between the company’s mutual trust, mutual respect and employees.
I learned from the staff that the employees are called partners, and they have their own fixed jobs, but they also help each other. In the leisure time, everyone will do a “coffee lecture” to talk to each other, and taste the coffee, showing a very relaxed, stress-free atmosphere. I am also very happy at work, and I have no work pressure at all.
And they work passionately and have no slack.
It also brings convenience to customers.


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