The world has made up with many languages and cultures. But there is some dominant languages and some minority languages. About a century ago there was an existence of minority languages but nowadays this in indigenous languages tend to vanish. Some experts suggest that we have to preserve minority languages. Some positive steps have been taken such as education programs, documentation, funding, etc. However there are some negative aspects such as disappearing of languages faster, loss of culture, government banning, and economic globalization. Therefore this essay will discusses about some efforts for preserving of languages are not enough because of some amount of adverse effect.
To some extent, there are some effective efforts have been made to save languages. One of these efforts is education programs. In this program last few speakers teach the traditional skill to younger one in native America. For example, in 1992, master-apprentice program has been created by Native Americans and Leanne Hinton of Berkeley. In California, some fluent speakers get $3000 to teach younger people. Over six months 75 teams have completed the program. (Wayt Gibbs, 2000). Similarly, in California, some volunteers kept in indigenous languages alive. Some giving 300 hs of training to the yonger peolr . Additionally, there is one more effort which is documentation. In this, there will be a key test to collect a record of languages so that, the languages can be available easily and protected. (Wayt Gibbs, 2000). The best-known example is Hebrew, which is existed only in written form until the late1800s. (Knight 2000). Hence there is some evidence which shows enough is being done to protect minority languages.
If one looks closely at the literature on the topic, however, there are the number of negative aspects that shows sufficient steps haven’t been taken to save the languages. One of those is losing languages faster day by day. According to Krauss, there were 20 languages in Alaskan. But only two of them were taught to children. (Krauss) About 20 Native American languages spoken which is no longer in used (Wayt Gibbs, 2002). Indeed in the half of the world, there are around 6800 languages vanished in just two phase. In every ten days, one language has vanished. So there is a loss of rare languages (Knight 2000). Allied to this is the further problem of can’t save languages is the death rate of languages. According to Hinton, loss of languages increased because of speakers of in dangerous any were elderly who were greater than new younger speakers (Wayt Gibbs, 2000). Furthermore, loss of endangered language is must depend on the number of speakers, how old the language is and spoken by children (knight, 2000). Thus as language is tied to people and use of


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