The well know Greek Philosophers Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Alexander the Great. Each of these Greek Philosophers were brilliant within their own beliefs. Each of the Greek Philosophers gave their input on what they thought was a good way to live life. Although Socrates wrote some amazing hypothesis, Socrates did not write any books stating his great work. During the 4th century Christian did not completely agree with the man-made thoughts. Christians only followed the word of God. Plato for example is globally known for politics, education, and living in reality. Plato encourage for all people to live in their truth and to be able to recognize their individual environment. Plato created a theory known as forms. According to our text book, Plato explains forms by the existence beyond the grasp of the senses or even the mind. These ideas have no physical attributes or material substance. I believe Christians sought to learn from Plato and based on his knowledge of traveling around the Mediterranean Sea, he sought out these theories. Aristotle was the student of Plato and Aristotle disagreed with a lot of Plato’s forms. Aristotle knew that Plato’s views did not accept the reality. Aristotle moved to Athens and founded his own school named Lyceum. According to our textbook, Aristotle ranges from Logic and the proper process of though by using biology, physics, metaphysics, ethics, law and politics.
I agree that Christian should study and learn about secular philosophies taught by the Greeks. Those Greeks philosophers gave Christian’s a foundation to question what the philosophers wrote about. Aristotle influenced logic as a tool for deductive reasoning. Aristotle felt that if you can eliminate what does not belong, then you are getting closer to the truth.


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