The use of neural network applications has become important in the field of computers. The
programmers have become the direction of the neural networks in designing their applications so
that some of them may interact with your feelings. And even used especially in the game
industry, so that programmers can create an interactive game can employ models of neural
networks adapt to the behavior of the player and patterns of interaction with the game to turn into
a game simulates the way a person plays in real life16.
Also, There are automatic recognition applications such as people recognition, voice or image
recognition, fonts and handwriting. Neural networks can train the network on certain types of
writing or sound to be automatically recognized16.
In 13 , this paper deals with artificial neural network for the classification of dermatology of
tropical regions using a feed-forward architectural design. In the state of Nigeria, the accuracy
was 90%. In this feed-forward architectural design it means that artificial neurons are organized
into layers. It sends its signal from input to output and then the errors are propagated backwards.
As shown in Figure 2.2.


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