The slavery in southern United States of America enabled in maintenance of plantation economies through import of slaves from South Africa during 16th and 19 centuries to America as it’s close by each other which are separated by ocean. So, bring of slaves helped in plantation of tobacco and later introduced plantation of cotton which lead to increase in southern sates profits. Every time number of importing slaves in southern USA increased to agriculture work. However, when Abraham Lincoln was elected as president of America led to US civil war as he tried to abolish system of having slaves in America.
So, the slavery’s in south of America such as in mostly in Brazil and Argentina have existences of slaves. So, it created employment opportunities for people that were transported from Africa as its first time for them who are jobless and just arrived in unknown land. There was continuous flow of slaves from Africa to southern America because in south they have plantation of cotton gins; so, for that they needed more workers to work in field as it required more physical strength which made use of traditional way of farming and preserve their traditions. Thence, through it south people made profit from tobacco and especially from cotton plantation for one’s survival which automatically lead to increase in economics of south indirectly. They kept sustainable of plantation economies through trading as well as with outside countries mostly with Europe (Great Britain) and northern US states. The southern states export cotton gin commodities to them even in prior to civil war that kept good significant trading relationship to them. Another good about slaves that are white from north and south have at least some freedom were they work for themselves and time was under their authority, not under control of their owners.
Even the slaves which are bought from Africa have jobbed which was provided by owners to them that make them to survive and make help in rise of south’s states profit; however it is not an easy life to lead under someone being stranger and worker to someone. So, just to make economies of south states look better in their state so they were bought. With these slaves doesn’t have freedom to stay in their own life style and if they want to do that then has to earn enough money. Also, when they do work their master will constantly inspect them which show, that majority of African slaves have no individual rights. From this view it shows their life was like hell dominated by wealthy people around them and their life will be always like this continuously for future generation of slave’s family. The next reason for slaves was not good for south of US even it enables in sustaination of plantation of south for good economic growth because life style of slaves can never be changed as once they are under someone’s control there is no way to get out of this hook. And punishment was given by master to slaves if they don’t do their job of appropriate manner as per instruction given by them (Library of Congress).
So, with this when Abraham Lincoln was elected as the sixteenth president of United States of America in 1860 from northern candidates who wanted to abolish the system of slavery in USA which can’t be continued in the future, however another group of people (south) doesn’t want that to happen so, they revolted against Lincoln because they said that they need slaves as their main occupation was agriculture so, need workers to work mainly in plantation. This led to separation of north and south with formation of Union which was called to northern Americans and then Confederates to southern Americans. Abraham Lincoln passed Act known as “Emanations Proclamation” in 1863 so, according to this act it clearly explains that he won’t allow any people to live in north who was against abolition of slaves; the logic in southern people revolted against Lincoln since, he was not fair enough as there is still some group of slaves that was living in north known as Delaware. Therefore, it was one of the reasons that led to civil war on America from 1861 to 1865 (Constitutional Rights Foundation).

In the end slavery was one of the fact that have brought good as well as have bad impact on southern states of US. Good in the sense, it kept the continuous flow of slaves for benefits of south and influenced in bad way as it caused the separation of USA into two of same families. It was one of major causes of civil to north and south of US.

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