The Slave Community
The author of The Slave Community is John Blassingame. John Blassingame is an African American historian and professor at Yale University who was interested in the issue of slavery in America. He wrote The Slave Community in order to voice his opinions to the slaves rather than the slave owners. The stories that he writes about are authentic accounts from actual slaves of this time. This was not the only book that John Blassingame wrote about this topic. He has wrote many other books that talk about slavery in America.
The Slave Community is an interesting book. This is because this book tells us how life really was for those who were affected, also known as the slaves. Blassingame, the author, mainly focused on main points and details of this time period by teaching us what historians were actually studying. He mentions that the historians of that time particullarly focused on the lives of the slaves owners and ignored the important aspects in the slavery period. The book further highlights that since historians relied much on data collected from the planter’s sources; it must have have led historians such as, Elkins, a famous historian, to imitate slaves.
Many authors persuade us into thinking that slaves obey their orders and work to their owner’s expectations. But do they really? No, John Blassingame shows that slaves were not obedient to their owners and did not want to work for them. Blassingame suggests that black African Americans were instead forced to endure the pain of being a slave and working no matter what. This also led to conflicts of their culture because they were working so hard that they had no time to practice their religion or beliefs.
John Blassingame analyzes three main personalities of slaves in the book. The first type of slaves he mentions are the Sambo type. He tells us that the sambos were obedient to their owners. The next type of personality mentioned is the Jack type. The jacks were known as those who were dutiful and worked long rugged hours until their owners treated them cruelly. Finally, the last personality is the Nats. The nats were known as those who never completed their work and left their jobs undone.


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