The researcher of the study conducted a research and inquiry-based study aimed to know the “Application, Significance and Importance of Mathematics to Marine Education” on the cadets of MOL- Magsaysay Maritime Academy, Midterm First trimester, Academic Year 2018-2019.
Based on the result, the researcher concluded that Mathematics Reinforcement and Mathematics has a great help and impact on cadets’ education in Maritime Education. Nowadays, there should be a wide range of knowledge and background in the formation and implementation, as well as the application as a whole Mathematics and Sciences in such an advanced and persistent technological progress of electronic and IT devices, such as those used on board ships (Stanivuk, 2017).
Stanivuk, Galic, ; Bojanic (2017) and Akakpo (2016) claimed that Mathematics played vital role in any application on maritime industry and education, but the most important is the application in the calculation of the movement of ship on the sea, and in the linear theory of waves. Maritime industry only aimed to transport and deliver cargo, they have to face the heavy seas, and trying to adopt on the changes of human stress on the ocean. In shipping it should be emphasized that mathematical problems would be handled, but maritime affairs without mathematics, the way we know it today, would not be possible.
Finally, it is enough to say that there is really a strong bond of relationship between Maritime affairs and Mathematics, in a such that maritime affair will not have a specific direction without Mathematics and simply because Mathematics is inevitable to maritime industry.


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