The office of treasurer is an important part of the student council. The first US treasurer,
Alexander Hamilton, created the US treasury. The treasurer keeps track of the money of the
organization. They have a hand in the financial decisions and the budget of the government, or in this case, the Student Council. I want to be a member of 2018- 2019 student council because I would love to be apart of the council and try to make a difference in school. Also, because I did not make it the fifth grade, I am more motivated to redeem myself and show the student body all the ideas that could help the school. Finally, I want to be apart of student council because this would be great to add on to my college resume.
I think this position fits me perfectly because I am very good at math, problem solving and critical thinking. I am currently in advanced math and enrolled in Algebra 1 next year at the Davidson Academy for gifted students. I received the Johns Hopkins CTY honors award for academic excellence by scoring exceptionally high on a rigorous, above-grade-level test. I am good at creating spreadsheets in Excel and Sheets. I often use spreadsheets to track
homework and due dates. I can even use some advanced features in sheets. I am also good with advertising and design for fundraising, I raised $90 In one day for the Spanish Club’s Puerto Rico fundraiser. I am also an active member of the Mathcounts Club, Cubing Club, Chess Club, Trivia Time, and Art Club. My business and negotiation skills, along with my extensive public speaking training at Montclair State University can help the student council in more than one ways. If I am elected, I will propose a way to make the treasury better than it is now. These traits are why I am a good candidate for treasurer.This knowledge of numbers and diligence qualifies me to have responsibility for finances for our student council.


I'm Katy

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