The Neolithic revolution began in 8,000 B.C. when humans no longer obtained their food by hunting and gathering, but rather started to cultivate crops and domesticate animals. The Neolithic revolution marks a shift in humanity from consumers of the environment to producers of goods. Therefore, agriculture radically changed the role of humanity within its environment.This establishment of farming and the domestication of animals in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, China, Africa, Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru, profoundly altered the direction of mankind. There were many advancements made as tools, agriculture and the domestication of animals. Families could settle and produced their own food and crops. The eight elements of culture or the way people lived contributed in people’s lives a lot and still to this day. Politics which is government and laws, protection and the start of leaders in a city, soon developed by the rise of civilizations. Economy is the way a culture gets the things it needs such as farming and trade.


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