The need for development saw the government of Zambia develop several strategies and plans such as the millennium development goals and Vision 2030 to attain levels of social-economic development of a middle income nation. This has led to development in financial sector as government and donors have initiated empowerment programs to support this cause. The need for financing developmental projects has led to the growth of microfinance institutions. With the mandate by the Government of Zambia and through Non-Governmental Organizations to promote women through various developmental activities one main stream is through easy access to funds. Women have been targeted mainly for programs under small holdings to access financial services to improve their livelihood.
In the world where most poor people are women, studies have shown that access to financial services is improving the status of women within the society. Women have become more assertive and confident. As a result women own assets, including land and housing, play strong roles in decision making and take up roles in their communities. However, there is still a lot more to be done in ensuring that information is made available on how to access such funds for their development. (United Nations-Women 2016) Seventy percent of the world’s poor are women. Yet traditionally women have been disadvantaged in access to credit and other financial services.


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