The National Honor Society is an organization that is known internationally and used by many international schools including Rabat American School, which its purpose is to recruit honorable members of a respectful, and fulfilling community such as ours. I would be excited to join such a society because of the limitless opportunities it presents to me. I am highly confident to say that I succeed at showing and demonstrating the four main pillars of NHS, which are scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Throughout my year as a student and specifically my first year in Rabat American school, I believe that my academic achievements from the past year are the result of my hard work; changing educational system was a big challenge for myself, but I thrived to reach my best and to adapt to my new learning community while trying to reach my best potential. I managed to exceed in subjects such as English: Literary Genres or the Chemistry and Biology part of Science that I have never been taught before. Furthermore, I was capable of improving (…) my criteria scores in all subjects as a result of my dedication and my perseverance. In addition to thrive to do my best academically,I have helped my community by I have participated in Model United Nations as a staff member, I attended the committee part and did my best to offer my services and help the event. Additionally I also participated in P.A.C last year, I volunteered to be part of the Pan Athletic Committee of our school in order to help every way possible the sports events that happened on campus. This summer, while I was abroad, I helped raise funds for a project towards people with learning disabilities. Me, and other volunteers, organized a bake sale in a town center and gave the funds to the organization that would conduct the project. I look forward to starting volunteer work with children with disabilities this year and gain experience to help the community and become a better person. I love giving back to the community that has given me so much. The next pillar, character, is something we work on everyday to try to improve. I am a very honest and mature

Because of my abilities and skills as a student, I believe I can be considered a good candidate for the National Honor Society. I have demonstrated the scholarship, leadership, character, and service qualities necessary to join the society. If I were to join NHS, I would be given the opportunity to improve in all of these areas and learn. Joining NHS would be an honor and would help me become a better student, classmate and human being.

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