The mans eyes were a cold smoky grey. They peered into the darkness, glittering with silent rage. His musky jet black hair, streaked with angry slashes of grey hangs lopsidedly over his eyebrows; also a shaggy grey. His arms quakes as he walks, trembling; beads of slimy perspiration trickle down the muscular ridges of his colossal forearms. His arms bulge, and his veins writhe wildly like angry snakes, pushing with daunting rage against his thin fat less skin.
His shoulders, huge boulders are raked, crudely with thin crimson red trails. His lips, a long thin mirthless line, exude utter disdain. He glares at the creature with harsh anger.
The wolfs smoky fog like fur, stretches over the entirety of its body, covering its languid frame, in a coat of warmth. If one was to strike, they would feel the iron hard muscles, trembling and excited beneath its fur. Its teeth is bared, exposing a gruesome paste of murky yellow, and rotten, blackish red. Blood.


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