The Last Question – Isaac Asimov
After many years, man has made many advances in technology. These
advances mean that man has become dependant on said technology and that
nothing is done without the help or rather if the AC (Automatic Computer)
does it. The last question proves that man is very resourceful in terms of
creating a “better” more advanced world and that, one day, maybe we will
have the technological advances necessary to move from earth to other
planets or even galaxies. As the story progresses, the AC is asked a single
question by different generations, but it remains unable to answer this
question up until it is too late, and the world has come to an end. The last
question is an excellent example of how technology is slowly but surely our
“god” and that we become less and less capable of doing anything without it.
The Bicentennial Man – Isaac Asimov
Andrew is one of many robots that can be found in households across the
globe. He, like al the other robots are purchased for the sole purpose of
making the life of man easier and protecting its master(s). As the story
progresses it becomes clear that Andrew is a special kind of robot that can
learn and think like a human being and after many years of serving its master
and making money for them, he finally musters up the courage to ask for its
freedom. This single act, however, starts a chain reaction that shocks the
world and starts the process through which robots receive their own rights and
they can lead normal lives, just like their human “masters”.
Nightfall – Isaac Asimov
After thousands of years of peace and sun, Lagash, a planet that has never
experienced a single night of darkness, is about to experience a solar eclipse
that will disrupt and unseat an entire civilization. Upon doing research, the
Scientist discovers that this solar eclipse is eminent, and that it happens every
2000 years, however, because the planets inhabitants has never experienced
darkness, they soon realize that the blackout will cause severe panic and that
this specific occurrence has destroyed complete civilizations in the past.


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