The invention of self-learning initiated by artificial intelligence has brought revolution to technology. Previously, the computers had to be programmed to incorporate new information into the existing system. However, now machines are able to perform self-directed learning, most notably Alpha Go, that managed to defeat the professional top chess players Ke Jie and Lee Sedo In March, 2016. Through simple commands such as “1 if wins, 0 if otherwise” and “repeat the same process that received 1”, they are now able to improve and assimilate through each time they compete, that they can master 250 videogames within a few hours. According to Yann LeCun, Director of AI Research at Facebook, intelligence is “the capacity to solve problems, to plan, to perceive and to act. Intelligence is often associated with animals and humans, but we are trying to reproduce this capacity with machines by making robots move, enabling conversations between computers and humans, or having them play strategy games, etc.”
Machine learning, evolved only in recent years, incorporates the field of statistical analysis and algorithm, in which this system enables the machine to actively interpret the data and make hypothesis and predictions. Almost similar to a living being, they have the ability to observe the world, understand, collect and aggregate information, update its model of the world, then plan, decide and take actions, and finally observe again.


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