The gender relations in any given country have the significant effect on the success of either men or women. In Asia, resources are controlled by men. The factors of production such as land are accessible to men than they are to women, which means that women have a harder time than men to achieve economic freedom. The access to education is also disproportionately accessible to more men than women. Such a situation limits the ability of the women to acquire well-paying jobs in paid labor. Poverty, sexual attitudes, gender inequality, and access to the factors of productions have worsened the situation for women in Thailand, forcing them to engage in prostitution to support themselves financially. Most of the women have few options of escaping the vicious cycle of poverty in the country, and those that flee to neighboring countries are either trafficked or forced to engage in prostitution to fend for themselves. Indeed, the social inequities in Asia, particularly in Thailand, create the disempowerment and marginalization of women, resulting in societal vices such as prostitution. In this essay, I will explore the politics of prostitution within the Asian society, particularly while focusing on Thailand.


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